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Complete Guide of Copacabana Bars

Complete Guide of Copacabana Bars

And here we are continuing our project: Guide to the most lively nights .. HAHA. That’s right, Free Walker wants to provide you an unforgettable vacation.

This time, in addition to the world’s best known beach, Copacabana was chosen for a good evening.


If you are want to read more of Rio’s nightlife read our ULTIMATE GUIDE TO RIOS NIGHTLIFE AND OUR SELECTION OF NIGHTCLUBS IN RIO DE JANEIRO. If you want to see bars in others neighborhoods, check:


Let’s start with a list of the best bars in Copacabana! Ready? Attention to our gold list!



Rio is famous for it’s drink on the street bars. This is the one you should go in Copacabana. One of the most traditional in the neighborhood, Pavão Azul keeps its fame and opened two new spaces on the same block, all for a happy hour. The idea is to always offer cold beer between, including Brazilian brands as Bohemia, Original and Serramalte, besides the Brahma chopp. All of this, with a variety of delicious snacks, like the codfish bowl, well seasoned and without potatoes. UHUUU, another option, shrimp pastries, meat, cheese or cheese with dried tomatoes and “feijoada” (the Brazilian National dish) ball. For a more robust dish you have the good sized shrimp risotto during the week and on the weekends the octopus rice. Are you going to waste time?

Address: Rua Hilario de Gouveia 66, Copacabana.
Phone: (21) 2236-2381.
Opening hours: daily from 12 pm to 12 am.

This is well known by locals and highly recommended to tourists. And what is the classic  CervantesThe ham sandwich with cheese and pineapple on the milk loaf. With other options on the menu like the breaded steak fringed by French garnish or smoked kassler with potato salad, no doubt it asks for a draft Brahma to go along with it, but if you seek for something more traditional you will also find it.

Address: Avenida Prado Júnior, 335 – – store B – Copacabana.
Phone: (21) 2275-6147.
Opening hours: from Tuesday to Thursday from 12 pm to 04 am; Friday and Saturday from 12 pm to 6 am. Sunday from 12 pm to 4 am.

Of course! Did you think we would forget one of the favourites in town? No way. And you know, Boteco Belmonte is famous for well-made and affordable snacks. Beyond the chopp in the right measure and beers always cold, the service of the baris also makes a difference, the waiters attentive. The house also offers lunch options.


Address: Rua Domingos Ferreira 242, Copacabana.
Phone: (21) 2255-9696.
Opening hours: daily from 09 am to 02 am.

Belmonte’s cousin is also here! HAHA. Beware it only works by the end of the afternoon. As the name suggests, Boteco da Garrafa does not serve chopp but to make up for it they offer over 30 beer labels of “garrafas” (bottles) for you to choose from. You can not be disappointed! To keep up with it, there’s great snacks to enjoy the night away with friends.


Address: Rua Bolívar 27, Copacabana.
Phone: (21) 2255-1680.
Opening hours: daily from 5 pm to 12 am.

The network is an old friend to cariocas. At Botequim Informal you can enjoy Brahma’s German style chopp, as the bottle options are Original and Serramalte brands. For snacks you find typical chicken and cream cheese croquette. A good tip is the Mineirinho dish that consists of pieces of good Brazilian steak (filet mignon) with onion and fried manioc topped with cheese or Carioquinha which is made of chicken, mozzarella, gorgonzola, onion and fries.


Address: Rua Domingos Ferreira, 215. Copacabana. Phone: (21) 3816-0909

Address: Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, 434 A. Copacabana Store. Phone: (21) 3215-2871.

Opening hours: daily from 12h.



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A pub with good food. I think that’s one of the most important things, right? And Boteco Cevada won’t disappoint us with their tasty dishes! With options of larger dishes and the beloved snacks that make those who want to have a beer very happy! On a weekly basis there are days with live music and discounts on the beer.

Address: Praça Serzedelo Correia, 27. Copacabana.

Phone: (21) 2547-5337.

Opening hours: daily from 8 am to 3 am.



With several units throughout the city, this place is especially known for pastries, with a varied choice of fillings. From Monday to Friday, Bar do Adão offers executive dishes, Friday, Saturday and Sunday the main course is the beloved feijoada – Brazilian National Dish! In addition, they also offer double drinks and cake discounts. Can you imagine it?

Address: Rua Duvivier, 101 – Copacabana.

Phone: (21) 3648-2710.

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm.; Sunday from 11:30 am to 11:00 pm.


Of course Copacabana is a great neighborhood and has many other nice and super cool spaces that are worth knowing.




The place is well known for good food and cheap beer. HAHA, a combination that everyone loves! The simple menu has options of cod or shrimp omelettes, pastries with shrimp fillings, dried meat, cheese and chicken with cream cheese, for cold days, angu broths with boi and beans with crackling, as well as breaded shrimp with garlic and oil. Beers are sold under the most popular Brazilan brands: Skol, Brahma and Antarctica. Perfect place to gather friends and enjoy the moment.

Address: Avenida Princesa Isabel, 304 A, Copacabana.

Phone: (21) 98162-3225.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 10 am to 11 pm; Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm.


A bar with decoration that reminds you of television, with a lot of fun and relaxation, this is the purpose of this place. With very varied programming, perfect for those who seek great joy and are willing to dance all night. With varied drinks, it has many options to suit all tastes. It’s worth paying a visit with friends to enjoy a night out.

Address: Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, 1417 – Shopping Atlantico Casino, store A – Copacabana.

Phone: (21) 2267-1663.

Opening hours: from Thursday to Saturday from 11 pm to 04 am; Sunday from 10 pm to 4 am.



A Copacabana classic, following the pattern of Pérola, with a refrigerated counter exposing the numerous snacks, to be chosen at the moment. The main car of the house is octopus with vinaigrette, other good options are cooked fish roe, served with vinaigrette sauce, and cod fish with onion, parsley and lots of Portuguese olive oil, freshly made pastries with several filling options. One Main course option is the famous Brazilian steak (picanha) in the stone with fries, rice, farofa and sauce. If after all these delights got you thirsty, you have the options of Brahma draft (one of the most popular Brazilian brands), light or dark or a bottle of Original and Heineken, plus many other drinks.

Address: Rua Barata Ribeiro 319. Copacabana.
Phone: (21) 2257-2645.
Opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday from 08 am to 01 am.


By Copacabana shore, in front of the Copacabana Palace, this spot has been well known for 23 years and can you guess why? The name already leaves a clue, it’s a LGBT space with occasional improvised Drag Queen’s shows on Sundays. And what is the most kiosk’s most famous order? The Rainbow  Margherita pizza, topped with palm, olive and ham. You can try out many other options from the their menu, plus well-made drinks and the fun is guaranteed.

Address: Avenida Atlântica, S / N, kiosk 8. Copacabana.
Phone: (21) 99585-0041.
Opening hours: daily from 10 am to 10 pm.



Making customers happy, since 2012, the bar has a huge menu of beers. One of the houses that has the most delicious snacks, among them: fileed rice and beans balls. Other options are on the menu of the house such as cold potatoes, chicken baits, codfish and German croquette. The special dishes get famous names everybody knows, at the very least it’s funny , HAHA! The place even has a variety of drinks to suit all tastes. Certainly, it is highly recommended to stop by!

Address: Rua Ronald De Carvalho, 147. Copacabana.
Phone: (21) 3563-8959.
Opening hours: Monday and Tuesday from 5 pm to 00 am; Wednesday and Thursday from 5 pm to 1 pm. Friday from 5 pm to 2 pm. Saturday from 3 pm to 2 pm Sunday from 3 pm to 1 am.


A newly opened bar, this has a trendy urban decoration. The orders are maid in a trailer in the middle of the saloon of the place, that has connection to the kitchen. Different, right? You can order sandwich, hamburgers and other pastries but the special of the house is a pizza made with a cheese pastry (it is really delicious!). You can choose between margherita, mushroom mix and lamb sausage.


Address: Ronald de Carvalho, 275 street – store A – Copacabana.

Telephone: (21) 3439-7719.

Opening hours:: from Tuesday to Friday from 17h to 00h; Saturday from 13h to 01h; Sunday from 13h to 00h.

Small place, well frequented by forgners and locals, it has an interesting wine menu, with option of beers and kraft beers, besides its drinks. The house menu, also doesn’t desappoint, although of beeing lean it count with snack options, ceviches, hamburgers and well elaborated dishes. The local service is also of really good quality
Address: Anita Garibaldi Street, 60 Store F. Copacabana.
Telephone: (21) 2547-0874.
Opening hours: from Tuesday to Thursday from 5PM to 1AM; Friday and Saturday from 5PM to 2AM.
For the ones who want to wake up drinking a good beer, this is the perfect place. This bar is never closed. With all the most famous Brazilain beers (Antarctia, Brahma and Skol) and internationals (Bud­weiser, Stella Artois and Heineken) you will find an option for your taste. The stacks are displayed and you just choose what you want to order (between roast beef, pepperoni sausage and crackling). If you are more a day person, the bars offers good dish in lunch time, at affordable prices.
Address: Avenida Prado Júnior, 237 – store C – Copacabana.
Telephone:(21) 3474-6846.
Galeto is how we say “rotisserie chicken” in Portuguese. So you can guess what this palce is about right?! Not only rotisserie chicken but also roast beef, always made on the spot.  If you want to eat something different a good option is “Barriga do Sergião” a delicious crackling with herbs, served with small caramelized onions, garlic bread with butter and chicken hearts marinated in wine. Can you resist?

The place also has 300 different white and yellow “cachaças” (our national drink, made out of Sugar Cane) – all of them approved by the owner of the place! If you want to drink something different they also count with Brahma draft beer.

Address: Rua Barata Ribeiro, 7 – Copacabana.

Telephone: (21) 2275-6197.

Opening hours: daily from 12h to 05h. 





This place is a branch of nightclubs along with nightclubs Bottle’s Bar and Little Club. The name of the place refers to a dead-end street, on the beach block. Since the late 1950s, musicians have been meeting weekly to sing and drink in the crowded concert halls of this bar. The space has undergone changes recently, but the objective of giving new talent opportunities to perform daily is still present, with some shows by big names in Brazilian music, highlighting the presentations that favor the rhythm that is the face of the bar: Bossa Nova.

Address: Rua Duvivier, 37 – Copacabana.

Phone: (21) 96800-8683.

Opening hours: daily from 6 pm to 01 am.


The place has a hall with long tables and benches of wood and a formidable balcony with 9 meters of length. The snacks of the house are displayed in a  varied selection for all tastes. which are sold in portions of 100 grams. Among the delights are octopus with vinaigrette, cod salad or mussels, which has everything to do with the name of the house, right? For drinking you have the options of Brahma draft beer or craft beers like Colorado Indica, Appia, Demoi-selle and Cauim.

Address: Rua Siqueira Campos, 138 – A. Copacabana store.
Phone: (21) 2255-9425.
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 01 am.


Small place with its own personality! During the presentations no applause is allowed as not to disturb, so you have to snap your fingers! Can you picture that? HAHA, at least you’ll laugh as you try! Another thing, in the house there are no waiters, that is, the beers are in the refrigerator and you pick them up and you pay at the moment. The options are Heineken, Amstel, Itaipava, Brahma and Antarctica, with very modest prices. And it does not end there, the snacks also make you laugh, on the menu has a lot of codfish and anyone who wants to taste them must warm in the microwave. The schedule of the house has Choro (typical Brazilian music) on Monday and Tuesday, on Wednesday, it’s Bossa Nova day, a Samba circle on Thursday and Sunday, Friday and Saturday is varied.

Address: Rua Almirante Gonçalves, 50, Loja D. Copacabana.
Phone: (21) 2267-9696.
Hours of operation: Monday to Saturday from 8 pm to 01 am; Sunday from 7 pm to 01 am.


Inspired by American pubs in the 1950s, with hardwood and brick walls, with paintings and replicas of vinyl scattered around the room. This bar, bets on the live music and still offers Jukeboxes for the clients and the schedule is of varied shows. The menu choices range from sandwiches and classic snacks such as fries, there’s options for everyone!

Address: Rua Rodolfo Dantas, 16 – Copacabana.
Phone: (21) 2543-5052.
Opening hours: daily from 5 pm to 02 am.



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Operating in the bar of the Sofitel Hotel with a privileged view to Copacabana Beach, the place has an exquisite menu. The drinks menu offers classics such as cosmopolitan, soul french martini and author recipes. The menu attracts the cold and warm tapas with varied options of each one of them. For cold orders, try smoked salmon cream tacos or beef terrine, for something warmer, you have option of mushroom soup with cheese croûtons. On Friday and Saturday, from 9 pm, live performances of MPB, bossa nova and jazz takes place.

Address: Avenida Atlântica, 4240 – level E – Hotel Sofitel Rio – Copacabana.
Phone: (21) 2525-1232.
Opening hours: daily from 12 pm to the last client.


As we are talking about bars and breweries, there is a name you might have lissened around: GROWLER. And we explain you what that means. Growler is nothing more than a glass, pottery or aluminium recipient,. It usually has a cork lid.
This model with a lid, avoids the loss of carbonic gas, conserving, for many days, all the freshness and taste of the beer with the same quality. So, the beer lovers can acquire its own GROWLER and fill it as many time as they want and fill it with their favourite drinks. A really sustainable option!
This was the first place to bet in growlers use and reusable botles to take away fresh draft beer, it has two types avaible, one of PET and one of glass. Within nine taps that are filled up by national labels. The house also offers discounts on selected draft beers and recipients every Tuesday. House menu is lean, with a lot of sandwich options and food boards as the mixed, with smoked pork, cow and goat chease and pineable with gelly pepper, besides a basket of bread. A good option to all food apreciators.
Address: Rua Sousa Lima, 16C – Copacabana
Opening hours: From Tueday to Friday 5PM to 00h; Saturdays: 3PM to 00h

A Beer Store that aims to present to the beer consumer a variety of labels, spreading the brewing culture. The home offers options to drink on the spot or take home. Chopp and craft beer are the attractions, presented in thirteen taps. The area offers barrels of Rio State producers, including Motim, which appears with IPA, and Tupiniquim, with its Session IPA, in addition to the Polo Lido pilsen. The beer menu has Fuller’s London Black Cab Stout, and Weihenstephaner’s German Braupakt. Meal options in the house are only available on Fridays and Saturdays when the bar receives guest chefs.

Address: Rua Ronald de Carvalho, 154 Shop A. Copacabana.
Phone: (21) 3497-3808.
Opening hours: Wednesday and Thursday from 4 pm to 12 am; Friday and Saturday from 4 pm to 01 am.


This bar is another entertainment option. Opening for lunch time, it is open during the day and all night, with snacks, its own beers and classic from the other units. The highlights of the house are no doubt the drinks, right? The options are the five versions of beer: blond, Indian, red, black and sarara. For lunch, various snacks, such as the wonderful classic Combinado Devassa (codfish balls, spicy beef croquettes, fried manioc, dry meat, sausage flambéed in cachaça and bottle butter). Do you want more than that? HAHA.

Address: Rua Bolívar, 8. Copacabana.

Phone: (21) 2236-0667.

Opening hours: daily from 11 am to 02 pmcervejaria-devassa



A new place for beer lovers! The space has 18 nozzles for back pressure filling, with options for glass or PET bottles. In this case, you can decide where to enjoy these delights, in the comfort of your home or at the beach enjoying with friends. Pretty cool, huh?

Address: Rua Barata Ribeiro, 247 store C – Copacabana.Phone: (21) 3734-4970.
Opening hours: from Tuesday to Friday from 4 pm to 12 am; Saturday from 4 pm to 12 am; Sunday from 12 am to 8 pm.



The pub makes reference to the Californian city of Escondido, a brewery hub. This is the place for those who love the well made chopp. Everything straight out of the 24 barrels stored in the cold rooms. The menu options can be consulted in addition to the more basic options like the pub’s pilsen or weiss. Satisfy your hunger along with the drinks, hamburgers are the stars, in six fixed versions, if you just want a snack, you have among the appetizers, the onion cheddar burger, which is a trio of breaded and stuffed hamburger onion rings, cheddar and bacon. WOW!

Address: Rua Aires Saldanha, 98 – store A – Copacabana.
Phone: (21) 2522-9800.
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 6 pm to 01 am.




Seeking to escape from the retro style of the developments that follow the Beer Store line, this one has in its colorful decoration, with a more sustainable style it aims to provide comfort for customers who wish to enjoy some of the many national labels offered. Also included in the portfolio of the house are the imported wines and the best Brazilian cachaças, all accompanied by snacks that harmonize with the drinks.

Address: Rua Viveiros de Castro 102 – Copacabana.
Phone: (21) 96550-4763.
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 3 pm to 11 pm.


2- HØC

Short of House of Cocktails, the name shows its goals. The small and adorable place, decorated with grafitte on the walls and quilted chairs on the sidewalk. The drink menu of the house brings suggestions as the fresh tahiti feelings that has licos 43, tahiti lime, blackberry and sparkling or pedra do sour gim mix, tahiti lime, rosemary syrup, cocumber, cardamom and eggwhite. TO eat tapas of salmon tartare with manioc, bruschettas, crunchy tostes, with guacamole, tomato with pesto and caramelized onion on the beer with gorgonzola. Unmissible!

Address: Rua Ronald de Carvalho, 161 – Copacabana.
Telephone:(21) 3596-0333.
Opening hours: terça das 18h à 00h; de quarta a sexta das 18h às 02h; sábado das 18h à 00h.



Part of the JW Marriot, this restaurant features a drink menu, such as the apple martini and other famous drinks, whether for appetizers, chicken wings, potato fries and gorgonzola and barbecue sauces, or a three-course wrap sandwich fish wrapped in leaf bread with stuffing of tuna, salmon, accompanied by endives, cucumber, arugula and mango. An option not to be missed at Copacabana beach. It’s worth visiting.

Address: Avenida Atlântica, 3. Hotel JW Marriot. Copacabana.

Phone: (21) 2545-6551.

Opening hours: Breakfast, from 06:30 am to 11:00 am. Lunch: Monday to Friday, from 12 pm to 3 am. Brunch: Saturday and Sunday, from 12 pm to 3 am.




Another version of the bar, it does not bet on live shows asmain attraction, although the atmosphere is also packed with rhythms such as blues, rock and jazz. The bar already has a more sophisticated identity for the evening fun. The menu has options of noble meat and one of the largest beer cards in the city with 55 labels between national and imported.

Endereço: Rua Duvivier, 21 – Copacabana.

Telefone: (21) 2235-6847.

Opening hours: diariamente das 12 pm à 01 am.



The bar was born out of the need for a good place to listen to rock in Copacabana, with cold beer and good snacks. Well recommended by the regulars, the place still has very reasonable prices and good service. Too good!

Address: Rua Ronald de Carvalho, 154 – store B – Copacabana.
Phone: (21) 99776-1219.
Hours of operation: Tuesday to Saturday from 6.30 pm to 01 am; Sunday from 3:30 pm to midnight.



One more special place for the ones who love Rock’n’Roll. What about a Pub with life Rock, everyday in front of Copacabana beach? Do you want more than that? The house offers kraft beer and double of drinks, with a few creations of the house, that for sure are really important. On Sundays there is the Macacokê with a live band, for the one who like singging. The local menu offers spanicks, hambugers and sandwich, besides deserts. A good option if you want to listen to Rock’n’Roll.

Address: Avenida Atlântica, 3056 – Copacabana.

Telephone: (21) 3253-2811.


Opening hours: from Monday to Thursday from 19h to 02h; Friday from 19h to 04h; Saturday das 11h às 04h; Sunday from 11h to 02h.



Tell me if after this wornderful list don’t you want to try all of the places?HAha. Those are the most recommended places that we know in Copacanama, to make your life and trip easier.  Now it’s up to you, choose the one that has more to do with your vibe and just go. And a golden tip: go for our Free Walking Tour no Centro e Lapa and also our Free Walking Tour em Copacabana e Ipanema .

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