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Free Walking Tour Paraty

Free Walker Tours: innovative agency in Paraty

The first agency focused on the Historic Center of Paraty! We are much more than just a Free Walking tour Paraty agency. We also offer the best advice for you to enjoy and plan your trip to Paraty. Check out our travel blog and enjoy the knowledge of your guide during the tour!

 Free Walking tour Paraty: The best way to visit the Historic Center of Paraty!

Discover the history behind the wonderful colonial houses on a wonderful tour, made by experts. Our City Tour (Paraty Free Walking Tour) will show you all the hidden secrets of the charming historic center and you will feel like you have gone back 250 years in time!

How can we offer a FREE tour?

Pay as much as you think the tour was worth at the end! As the people who make the Paraty Free Walking Tour receive only tips at the end of the tour, they do their best to offer interactive, fun and unforgettable tours for everyone. We are sure that when you decide how much to contribute at the end of the tour, the quality is higher! Our content is also focused on city tips and how to save money here!

Our English tour is every day

Rain or sun, our free walking tour Paraty happen as scheduled. It’s not necessary to book the tours to guarantee your spot. Our Paraty Free Walking Tour is a perfect introduction to the city, a great way to find your way through the city, and a price that fits in everyone’s pocket. The tour starts every day at Praça da Matriz (main square of the historical center) at 10:30am and 5pm. And on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 9 am – you will get a fun perception of the history of Paraty!

A little of Paraty’s history

Paraty is considered a national monument by IPHAN (National Institute of Historic and Artistic Heritage) since 1958 and a UNESCO historical heritage since 2019. The city became economically important for the country after the discovery of gold in Minas Gerais.

At the time, the main route that the gold traveled before going to Portugal was land (Minas Gerais to Paraty) and by the sea (from Paraty to Rio de Janeiro, capital of the country). This trip could take up to 30 days!

Besides gold, the slave trade itself and coffee, also known as black gold, were important products for the local economy of Paraty and for its prosperity. It was almost two hundred years of splendor and progress in the city.

Houses built in the best architectural technique by masons, boasting marble, carvings, mosaics and French tiles. Its great comedy theater always had European companies. Church speakers were renowned throughout the country, commerce was done in more than 50 stores.

Paraty came to have more than 400 houses, including 41 two-story houses. In order to maintain the area, the city had more than 5000 slaves aside from the ones in the farms and sugar mills!

Today the main economic activity of the city is tourism. Join our tour to find out more about the city! Paraty will be much more delightful to you after this two hour walk!

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