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Safety Tips in Rio de Janeiro – What to know

Safety Tips in Rio de Janeiro – What to know

What is the first thing you hear when you talk about visiting Rio de Janeiro? Be careful! That’s right. We know that the city has a bad reputation for safety. That’s why in this text we will leave some safety tips for Rio de Janeiro. This way you can enjoy your trip better!


One of the first observations to make here is that Rio de Janeiro is a big metropolis. And just like any other, your visitors will be subject to some situations. The city of Rio is also a very tourist city, and there are big events like New Year’s Eve and Carnival.  

Carioca summer is one of the most searched by tourists in the world. We can say that even Cariocas do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful sunny day or carnival, despite the “insecurity”. So, don’t give up visiting a very interesting destination because of it. Let’s help you out, here are some safety tips.   


Use the public transportation available in the city. Did you know that after the 2016 Olympic Games, the city is much safer for tourists? Yes. What happens is that urban mobility works were made in the city. Today almost all the routes and tourist attractions known by tourists have good coverage of public transport.


Some options are available. Use and abuse the metro in the city. The metro in Rio is one of the safest transports in the city. With the metro, you have access to all neighborhoods of the South Zone, such as Copacabana and Ipanema.


By integrating the metro with the VLT you can visit the Olympic Boulevard, Museum of Tomorrow and AquaRio. With the subway and bus, you can get to Christ and Sugar Loaf Mountain for example. These areas are also much more policed than other parts of the city.


More information about Public Transportation in Rio de Janeiro.


With the arrival of private car apps, it has become much easier to get around the city. This is a cheaper option than regular taxis. Just be aware of the details:


– Some drivers of this type of transport use some GPS applications and may take unsafe routes if they are unaware of the route. Then, when requesting this type of service, follow the route through Maps or another GPS application. This will prevent undesirable situations.



In the city, in general, there’s a good supply of taxis for the population, especially in tourist areas. Some details to consider, before requesting a taxi service, check out:

As most tourists prefer to use a taxi to get around, it is not difficult to find what we call pirate taxi drivers. In fact, they are not official taxi drivers and will always offer you a race for a fixed price. Do not accept it.



– Give preference to cars that use taximeters in the race and yellow, which are the common taxis of the city;

– In some cases, drivers will want to take advantage of your tourist condition and want to take a longer route to make the race more expensive. You can track your route using a GPS or Google Maps application.


– If you are a woman traveling alone, prefer safer transport such as the metro or even a taxi and don’t give many details about your trip.


The risk of going through a situation like this is not just in Rio de Janeiro. In the city, however, it is not common for “pickpockets”, as happens in other cities in the world. Thefts and robberies here are more associated with large events with crowded people and careless situations, on a beach day, for example.


To avoid robbery, a common practice for taxi and Uber drivers in the city is not to stop at red lights after midnight. Staying at a traffic light after this time is considered an easy target. So don’t be alarmed by this practice.


– Avoid walking through tunnels at any time; 

– Avoid walking along dark, moveless streets;  

– Go out to know the city with the necessary: money and some identification; avoid the use of valuables that may attract attention;  

– Avoid using your phone while walking or standing on the street;  

– When ordering Uber or private cars, wait for your car to arrive inside the building’s restaurant or lobby;  


– Staying close to the subway. Is safe and convenient for your tours;  

– If you need to withdraw, give preference to return to the hotel. You will avoid walking the streets with a large amount of money;  

– In the neighborhoods of the South Zone, always prefer to walk the main avenues. There are always trades and they are busier;  

– If you want to take photos, look for places with more people around. 


– Give preference to enjoy a nice beach day during the week. On the weekend the beach will usually be very crowded and will offer more risks;  

– Attention when walking on the beach along the bike path, try walking along the sandy strip; 

– At the beach, don’t let your belongings loose while diving. Find someone who could take care of your objects for a few minutes;  

– At night, prefer to walk along the Copacabana boardwalk. There is a greater circulation of people in the neighborhood and there are many kiosks all over the waterfront.;  

–  If you want to enjoy the calmer beaches and escape the risk of trawlers and thefts, look for the beaches of Urca, Leblon and Barra da Tijuca.  


– Always buy your tickets through official attraction pages. Be wary of people offering very low prices!

– When looking for services from tour companies, read company reviews, see references and ask for hotel recommendations;

– If you want to do a “Favela Tour” (are the tours in communities of the city), seek to know the references of those who offer the tour and if possible, go with someone you know and live in the same favela;

– Avoid visiting the downtown area on the weekend. During the week, this area is much busier;  

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– If you use a camera, carry it in a body-pierced bag. Remove, use and return to bag;  

– In crowded places, be aware of your belongings, keep your backpack in sight and don’t leave your phone in your pocket; 

– Are you going to visit Lapa? Do not carry valuables and large amounts of money with you. Take what you need to enjoy your night safely: cash and ID;  

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So it’s simple tips, isn’t it? Now you can enjoy your trip a lot! 🙂

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