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Rio de Janeiro at night: The best bars and clubs of Lapa RJ

Rio de Janeiro at night: The best bars and clubs of Lapa RJ

Clubs in Rio de Janeiro? Bars in Lapa? As we were already talking about Lapa on our last post we decided to select some of our favorites bars and clubs in Lapa RJ!


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One of the best clubs of Rio de Janeiro, Sacrilégio is a must stop for who is visiting Lapa! The club is a traditional samba house that offers: live samba of the best quality (of course!), drinks and a cold “chopp” (tap beer, in Brazil) to refresh from warm weather of Rio. Also, the decoration of the club is enchanting!


Sacrilégio Address: Mem de Sá Avenue, 81 (Lapa mainly street)

Working time: Tuesday and Saturday: From 7PM to 1AM | Thursdays: From 7PM to 3AM | Friday: From 7PM to 4AM

Price: From R$25,00 to R$35,00

Lapa 40 Graus

Lapa 40 Graus is one of the most famous clubs of Rio de Janeiro, and you can tell why! The place is just incredible: it has 3 floors with different options that will please all (or almost all) musical tastes.

On the first floor Lapa 40 Graus has live music (of different styles, according to the dates). The second floor has a lot of pool tables. On the third more live music! Also, usually there are FREE dancing classes (of samba de gafieira, forro, salsa) on the third floor, it’s really fun!

Lapa 40 Graus Address: Rua Riachuelo, 97

Working times: Quarta a sábado das 18h as 4h

Price: de R$20,00 a R$60,00


Cachaça Social Club

Hidden at the end of the most famous Lapa avenue (Mem de Sá) and unknown by many people, this is for sure one of the best places for different drinks and experience of Lapa. Chachaça Social club presents the cachaça (Brazilian typical booze) experience: “from sugar cane to caipirinha” where the roots of cachaça, its peculiarities and production process are presented.

Cachaça Social Club Address: Rua do Rezende, 53

Working times: from Tuesday to Thursday from 6PM to 2APM  |  Friday and Saturday: 6PM to 4AM

Cachaça Social Club address: Rua do Rezende, 53




One more super traditional place of Lapa, located at the busiest street of Lapa, the bar is famous for it’s cheap caipirinhas (2 for 1)! There is live samba and DJ with funk (Brazilian music style) on Saturdays.

Brazookas is a 4 floors bars, and even though, sometimes it’s impossible to find a table to sit. The vibe of the place is amazing, and if you don’t find a table you can order a caipirinha in the bar and dance all  night in.

Brazookas Address:  Address: Av Mem de Sá, 70 (Lapa main street)

Working Times: Wednesday and Friday from 6PM to 3AM | Saturday from 6PM to 4AM


Street Parties

We can’t forget the famous Lapa Street parties, where barracas (kioks) of food and drink and the samba are it’s symbol! This is where the locals go before going to a club, as the kiosks sell the cheapest caipirinhas of Lapa! It’s an not to miss experience, at one of the best places of Rio de Janeiro!

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