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Where to stay in Paraty?

Where to stay in Paraty?

After you decide the destination of your next trip, looking for a place to stay is the next step. In this post, we bring you the best tips on neighborhoods and regions for your stay in Paraty.

Historical Center and region

The historic center is the heart of Paraty. We have some recommendations like Pousada da Marquesa, Literária and Pousada do Sandi. These are the options for those looking for five-star comfort!

For those looking for a more affordable option, but still being close to the historic center, ten minutes from Praça da Matriz, we have the neighborhood of Patitiba. And it’s very close to supermarkets, drugstores and banks.

If you look for accommodation and will arrive in the city by bus, you can search for options on Avenida Roberto Silveira, the main street in the city. In this avenue, we have banks, shops, markets, bars and restaurants. It is a place to explore beyond the historic center.

Besides that, at this avenue we find some hostels for those looking for a more affordable price and interaction. One of the most sought after in the city is CheLagarto. And in the neighborhood of Patitiba, VibeHostel.

Pontal and Jabaquara beach

These neighborhoods are also known for being the closest beaches to the historic center. Accessing these neighborhoods is very easy, it takes about 10 to 20 minutes walking.

There we have places to stay and it is a great option for families. It is a wonderful place to relax but at the same time, being close to the city’s cultural sights.

If you want more recommendations, read our post about Pontal Beach and Jabaquara beach.


At the Roberto Silveira avenue, we have a Portal de Paraty camping site. That in addition to camping, they also receive motorhomes and trailers.

This camping is located close to markets, pharmacies and restaurants. A very nice place to stay! You can check their facebook here!


It’s a good option for couples, families and groups who want more privacy. The apartments and houses are in different regions of the city, so search about the neighborhood first! Some places are more distant and it is more comfortable to have a car.

You can look for places like: Pontal and Jabaquara beach, Patitiba, Caboré and close to the bus station.


Finally, many people prefer to stay in Trindade, a neighborhood of Paraty that it’s about 40 minutes away. In Vila de Trindade, we have hostels, markets, restaurants and shops.

It’s  a good option for festivals weekends or holidays, such as New Year, when staying in Paraty sometimes it is very expensive. We have beautiful beaches and waterfalls in Trindade. You can explore a lot!

To know more about the beaches in Paraty, read our post!

And when is the best season?

Paraty is known as the city of festivals. It is a very organized calendar that is always available in the previous year.

You can check the calendar here!

For the Cachaça festival, FLIP (international book fair) and Bourbon (jazz festival) it’s better booking in advance because it’s quite common for reservations to reach almost 90% of maximum capacity. And with that you can also guarantee a good price.

During the summer, demand is also high. In Paraty, we have the Atlantic Forest very well preserved and beautiful beaches. Be sure to do some boat tours and tours around the nature!

Be sure to do our Paraty Free Walking Tour, one of the coolest tours to get used to the city and the historic center.

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