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Jabaquara Beach Paraty – Places in Paraty

Jabaquara Beach Paraty – Places in Paraty

A lot of people ask in our Paraty Free Walking Tour about Jabaquara Beach Paraty. Jabaquara is a really nice neighborhood, with a clean beach that is located close to the historical center! At the beginning of Jabaquara there is a river that meets the see, what makes the water a little bit dark!


There aren’t waves on the beach, so it is possible to rent a kayak or a stand up paddle! Also, there is an island just in front of the beach and, if you a brave enough, it’s possible to go all the way to the island by kayak! It’s lovely and it doesn’t take that long – around 30 min rowing.


On the beach there are many kiosks, where you can easily find meals, snacks and drinks! Including the traditional caipirinha or the most typical drink of Paraty: Jorge Amado… I mean, there is good infra structure and you’ll probably find everything you need. Besides that, if you like cycling, there is a bicycle path in front of all the beach!


Jabaquara Beach Paraty is usually busy. Maybe because it has an easy access and it’s located just beside the historical center, the main attraction of Paraty. Jabaquara beach it’s 20min walking to the historical center and only 3 min by car. For the ones who prefer the quiet and “rustic” beaches, we recommend Praia do Sonho or Ponta Negra (read more about those beaches in our blog post about Paraty beaches)


If you are not staying in Jabaquara but want to visit the neighborhood, save some minutes to visit Forte Defensor do Perpétuo on the way. The fort is located between the historical center and Jabaquara and it was built to be one of the military defenses of the city. There is a museum there, but unfortunately, as far as we know, it’s closed for some kind of maintenance, but even though it’s worth going. But why is it worth seeing? There is a VERY NICE view from the top, old canons… and it’s free!


Jabaquara Beach Paraty: Pousadas and Hostels


There are a lot of options of pousadas in Jabaquara. We selected a few, where our tourists stayed and enjoyed!


Elicolonial Pousada: located at the end of Jabaquara beach! Elicolonia is a really charming pousada and chalet in Paraty!


Pousada Chalé Suíço: this couldn’t be on better location: just in front of the beach! Initially, the pousada Chalé Suíço was the house of a family, that was so receptive that decided to start to receive guests!


Pousada Flor da Terra: a really familiar and cozy envirioment! The team is really kind and the rooms really comfortable!


Pousada Maré Mansa: a clean pousada with an excellent service! This is a new pousada, so the towels, sheets, beds.. Everything is pretty new!


Hostel Canguru: If you want to stay in a hostel, this is a great option in Jabaquara! There is a cozy, equipped bar where there are concerts! Haha

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