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Bed & Breakfast in Paraty

Bed & Breakfast in Paraty

Paraty is a charming city and you will have plenty of reasons to visit it. In this post, we will recommend Bed & Breakfast (Pousadas in portuguese) in Paraty so that your stay is the best possible!

If you want options other than B&B (Pousadas) and a guide to the best neighborhoods to stay, access our post “Where to stay in Paraty?”

We already talked here on the blog about tours in Paraty. The most famous are the Boat Trip and the Waterfalls and Distilleries Tour. These are full-day tours that show the best of Paraty’s nature.

If you want tours to learn a little about the history in Paraty, don’t worry. Join in our Paraty Free Walking Tour and leave knowing all the history and curiosities of the historic center and the whole city!

Bed & Breakfast: places that look like a Hotel!

These recommendations are for those who wants a perfect stay. All the B&Bs on this list are in the Historical Center. For more tips on what to do there, read our post.

Pousada da Marquesa: Located in Praça da Matriz, Pousada da Marquesa was opened in 1989 but the mansions are dated from the 18th and 19th centuries.

It has an impeccable decoration designed to make you travel in time! From the furniture to the small objects, from the rooms to the garden the Pousada da Marquesa has historical objects collected by the family that runs the place.

In addition, the place has the largest internal garden in the Historic Center with a beautiful outdoor area with a swimming pool.

Pousada Literária: This accommodation is also located in a restored colonial mansion and it has been the official Pousada of the International Literary Festival of Paraty (FLIP festival) since 2012. The place has a decoration inspired by the  nature of Paraty: Atlantic forest and sea.

Beside this, the place has other associated points such as Fazenda Bananal and Livraria das Marés (a great option for a coffee – even if you are not staying at Pousada Literária).

Pousada do Sandi: Located near the Church of Nossa Senhora e São Benedito in the historical center. The building dates back to the 18th century and today it unites the most contemporary  and historical architecture.

The Pousada do Sandi has a nice history since its foundation. One of the creators of the Pousada, Alexandre Adamiu was the president of Paris Filmes (a brazilian movie company) and he always loved movies. 

His wife loved the city of Paraty and after six years of renovation, in the 1980s, he gave the keys of the Pousada do Sandi to her. The decoration inside the house is about movies and the famous actors and actresses.

Paraty was one of the movie location in the film Dawn, from the Twilight saga, due to the relationship between Alexandre and his family with cinema and the city.

And another great news, Pousada do Sandi the is Pet Friendly!

Casa Turquesa: The Pousada has few rooms because of its initial proposal: an ambience of warmth and intimacy. To understand the name of the accommodation, just take a look at the sea of Paraty.

The eighteenth century mansion was completely renovated based on a study of Brazilian colonial architecture. Casa Turquesa is close to Cais do Turismo andit  has a great view of the city’s bay.

Next to the Casa Turquesa, we have bars and restaurants. We mentioned Camoka and its famous Jazz in our post on Tips for Restaurants in Paraty.

Pousada do Ouro: Located near the Church of Nossa Senhora das Dores facing the bay of Paraty, Pousada do Ouro brings the guest a journey through time!

The mansion is historic, decorated to bring that ambience. The garden has several tropical species in addition, the Pousada has a swimming pool and spa.

Pousada Imperial: Located near Praça da Matriz, the place is located in a colonial mansion from 1804 that hosted some important events.

The Pousada was only opened in 1978, but the place was once a commercial warehouse and the first opera house in Paraty. Inside, it had a noble room that held balls. The elite of Paraty organized a party to celebrate the Independence of Brazil in 1822.

For those who like history, this is your type of B&B.

Other options

Pousada Solar do Algarve: Located 100 meters from the Historic Center in the neighborhood of Patitiba, Solar do Algarve is a great option for those looking to be close to the center, banks, street market, etc.

Pousada do Príncipe: Despite not being a historical site, Pousada do Príncipe is also a good option! Since their opening  in 1988, one idea was to bring the history of the city of Paraty and Brazil in the details of the house and the decoration.

The Brazilian royal family has a special relationship with Paraty and vice versa. The name of the Pousada do Príncipe (prince) is not a coincidence .

The owner is Dom João Henrique de Orleans e Bragança who owns another property in Paraty, the famous Casa do Príncipe. We will see this place in our Paraty Free Walking Tour!

Pousada Fortaleza: It’s 1 km from the Historic Center of Paraty in the neighborhood of Patitiba. Overall, a guesthouse has Wi-Fi in the rooms and parking lot. The neighborhood of Patitiba has a lot of markets, pharmacies and restaurants. It’s also near to Roberto Silveira Avenue and the Historic Center.

On our blog, we have many other tips for you! Be sure to read.

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