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Boat Tours

Boat Tours

One of the most incredible and popular tours to do in Paraty is the Boat Tour. The crystalline sea and the Atlantic Forest is a natural spectacle and it’s unforgettable! If you have any doubts about the Boat Tours don’t worry because in this post we have a lot of information.

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Boat or Schooner Tours?

Many people ask me which is the best. In fact, they are two different options. The Schooner Tour is a full day tour that already has defined stops, with lunch included or not. Most agencies offer the Schooner Tour and the price depends the number of hours, stops or benefits they offer.

Smaller boat rentals can be made directly at Largo de Santa Rita, close to the Church, or at the Tourism Pier itself. The price depends because it’s a private tour. You can choose to be only at sea, visit a specific island, stay 2 or 5 hours. This is ideal for couples or groups that want more privacy.

Another service offered is the Speedboat Tour. Some agencies offer the Speedboat as an option for families and couples looking to personalize the tour.

Main Stops

Some stops are mandatory on Boat Tours. These are breathtaking beauty spots. Here are some tips for you:

Perhaps the two most famous stops are Ilha Comprida and Lagoa Azul. They are beautiful places to take pictures underwater and see fish. If you want to rent a boat, you can also ask to take a break at one of these points. Another cool spot is Ilha do Algodão, where on some occasions it’s possible to see dolphins!

Ilha Comprida is ideal for taking pictures underwater with the fishes, so don’t forget your diving goggles! Some boats have diving equipment for you to enjoy the bathing stops. The name of Lagoa Azul says it all.

Now, we have two beaches to indicate: Saco da Velha and Praia da Lula. The two are very similar because they have beautiful vegetation and calm sea. However, the difference is that Praia da Lula has no kiosks or bars offering snacks and drinks. If you want to choose this stop at the Boat Tour, you have to bring some snacks and water with you.


These are the most famous places in the region to visit on a Boat Trip. If you are looking for another full-day tour in Paraty, in our post about Waterfalls in Paraty, we gave you the tip of the Jeep Tour.

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