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Waterfalls in Paraty

Waterfalls in Paraty

In Paraty, we have beautiful waterfalls and beaches. In this post, we bring the best tips for you!

Jeep Tour

Besides the beaches, Paraty has amazing waterfalls. A lot of tourism agencies offer the Jeep Tour. It’s a full day tour that you going to visit the waterfalls and the distilleries of cachaça. It’s one of the most fun things to do in Paraty. I loved it!

Like the boat tours, the Jeep Tours have predetermined stops. Normally, the pick-up is around 10am or 11am and it’s a full day tour. The most visited distilleries are Engenho d’Ouro, Paratiana and Pedra Branca. Some distilleries give a little tour inside to show you how cachaça is make and then you can prove some types of cachaça.

Every distilleries have there own singularity, my favorites are: Azulzinha from Engenho d’Ouro and Labareda from Paratiana (but this one is a limited edition and it depends the season).

Waterfall in Trindade

Very close to the Praia do Meio, we have a waterfall that carries a funny name: the “swallowing stone”! You can hike for 15 minutes (don’t worry, it’s very easy!) and when you arrive there, you can slip between the rocks of the waterfall and dive into a little cave (that’s why the name!). It’s super cool!

Watch the video!

Paraty-Cunha road

The most famous waterfalls are in Paraty-Cunha road. Cachoeira do Tobogã is mandatory stop in the Jeep Tour. It’s a natural toboggan run and very close to this place, we have the Poço do Tarzan that looks like natural pool among rocks. Normally, this is the stop to have lunch. Tobogã and Poço do Tarzan are in Penha neighborhood and if you want to go by car, you only have to get Paraty-Cunha road next to the Penha’s Church.

Other place that’s really special is Pedra Branca Waterfall, very close to the Pedra Branca distillery. To go there it’s just to access the Paraty-Cunha road until the Ponte Branca. You have to pay R$5 (five reais) to visit and it worth it! Next to this place, there is another good stop: Poço do Inglês. it’s natural pool perfect for summer days. In this waterfalls, we have a rope for brave tourists that want to jump into the water like Tarzan!

One unknown stop is Poço da Jamaica. If you want to visit, just take the Paraty-Cunha road until 7km and then a little hike to access the waterfall. The locals love this place!



If you are visiting Paraty and have some extra time, our tip is this rural community that’s about 8km from Paraty. You can access by Rio-Santos highway, direction São Paulo. There, we have Poço da Lage and Poço das Andorinhas. A beautiful place that it looks like natural pool. Be sure to visit!

To learn more about to city of Paraty, take our Paraty Free Walking Tour. It’s a two hour tour, where we tell the history and curiosities of the city.

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