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Paraty Beaches: Information and tips you must know

Paraty Beaches: Information and tips you must know

Besides the Historical district, Paraty is also visited because of its paradisiacal beaches and boat tours. On this post we will tell you about Paraty beaches you should visit


Many people go to Paraty by bus, so I’m gonna also suggest some beaches that, apart from car, you go by public transport or walking! But remember, in most of the cases, the easiest to reach isn’t the unforgettable one!


There it goes:


Paraty Beaches: walking distance from the historical center


If you are staying near the historical center and you want to go the beach walking, follow the 2 recommendations:


Pontal: Despite it’s considered not good for swimming… (good beginning, right!? Haha) you will find some people doing stand up paddle and kaik! (and praying to not fall into the water! ;D No… just a joke!) By the way, there are always people swimming!

From Matriz Square, where it starts our Paraty Free Walking Tour, it’s only 10 minutes walking. It’s surrounded by Bed and Breakfasts, and there are nice kiosks in case you get hungry or thirst. The water is calm and the beach can be crowded, probably because it’s easy to arrive. A nice tip for you is to ask locals if there will be a special event later, like concerts, or beach party… Personally I recommend this beach just to drink a coconut water and feel the vibe you’re on holidays in the beach!




Jabaquara: Jabaquara beach is a little bit further than Pontal beach, but only 25-30 minutes walking from the Historical city center. There are signs indicating the directions, and when you get there you will have a nice view of the mountains. There are also some nice options of kiosks to eat and drink! It’s possible to have a sit on the beach and order a snack, a caipirinha, Jorge Amado drink…

On Jabaquara Beach Paraty post we explain more about this neighborhood.


Paraty Beaches: accessible by trek


If take a bus / do a hike is not a problem, some other options:


Praia do sono: To get to this one, there are 2 options: hiking or boat. Well, I’m not a big fan of boats, so I did the hiking, but I asked the price, just to know how much it would be for a ride to go back. He said R$30,00, but I was by myself. If you have friends with you, for sure it will be cheaper. And if you arrange go and return the price can be even better.


If you prefer to hike, this is the way: take a bus in the bus station, about R$4,00, to Laranjeiras. This is the final destination and the bus goes every 30 min or 1 hour… it takes about 30-40 min… the bus stop is just in front of where the hike starts!


The hike took me 60min but I did it enjoying and slowly. Ok, the first 10 minutes I was about to give up! Haha! It was a slope! Don’t give up! It’s absolutely worth! The beach is calm and there aren’t many options for food… but is super beautiful! Blue water and white sand. If you go early, you can visit the waterfalls nearby. It’s a calm and relaxing place!




Ponta Negra: I will recommend something that I’ve never done, based on friends opinion… they had such a bright in the eyes talking about this place! The access is not easy, only boat or hike. If you prefer the boat, you can take in Trindade or Praia do Sono. If you want to do the hike, get ready for exercising a couple of hours! First you have to hike to get to Praia do Sono after there, you keep doing the hike and you will be in Antigos, then Antiguinhos…. After many hours we will finally arrive! This beach is nearby a fisherman village, it has got clean and calm water and it’s empty!!




Paraty Beaches: accessible by bus/ car


Trindade: It’s easier to get by car, but don’t worry in case you don’t have one, by bus is also ok. In Trindade Village there are many restaurants, shops and B&Bs. The village is great and there’re beaches to visit! Some beaches we recommend you to visit are: Piscina Natural do Cachadaço / Praia do Cachadaço, Do Meio, Praia Brava, Do Rancho (or De Fora). Some of them you can only go by boat or hike! Save one full day to visit Trindade.




Saco do Mamanguá: For sure this one is my favorite!! It’s awesome!! Some people describe it as the ‘’Tropical Fiordes’’! There are mountains on both sides and blue water in between! When I went we wen’t by car to Paraty Mirim (but you can also take a bus). Then we took a boat and finally had the amazing view of the mountains and water! From there we could see the ‘’Pão de Açúcar’’ mountain… another nice place to hike, but for this one it’s better to be on shape to try! I think I liked the Saco do Mamanguá especially because it was different from any other view I ever had!



And remember: many beaches can be visited only by boat, so if you have time after the paraty free walking tour in the historical center, you should consider a boat tour!

If you want more tips of the city, check our free Paraty City Tour

See here the timetable of the buses in Paraty

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