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History of Paraty

History of Paraty

Basically we associate the history of Brazil and Paraty and understand the details that we see in this city. Learn more about it in this post.

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The economic cycles of Paraty

Before the portuguese arrival and the foundation of the city of Paraty, there is an indigenous tribe called Guainá. A lot of historians try, until today, to discovery the myths and the culture of the guaianás that became extinct without any documents about them. Inside the coat of arms of Paraty, we can see a green square the represent the native people and their importance. Unfortunately, the only describe that we have about them is travelers diaries written in the colonial times.

In the 16th century, there is the arrival of the Portuguese. Paraty was the city that it has all the economical cycles since the colonial times until the Republic: sugar plantations, gold, coffee plantations…

The portuguese discover gold mines two centuries later and they going to built a road to conect the city of Paraty and Minas Gerais state. This road is call the Royal Road. All gold and precious stones will be sent to Paraty, and then to Rio de Janeiro and Portugal. Few decades later, the portuguese are going to built the second Royal Road, from Minas Gerais to Rio de Janeiro.


When gold start to be less frequent, the brazilian govermment decide to replace gold and plant coffee. The port of Paraty is going to be used again! In that moment, we going to have in the city houses with two floors and the new Main Church.

In the 1920s, we have an episode that shakes not only Brazil but the world as well: the 1929 crisis. From that moment, we start to industrialize the country and Paraty finds itself in its greatest economic decline. The city really stops in time – that’s why a such preserved historical center. Only after the construction of the Rio-Santos stretch, we have a better way to reach Paraty and rediscover the region.

Now we live the Paraty Tourism cycle. And the city unites everything we are looking for in a perfect destination: waterfalls, beaches, history, culture, gastronomy… Locals also say that if on your first visit you skip the iron chains that delimit the historic center, your heart will be stuck in Paraty forever!

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