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How to get from Galeão Airport to Copacabana – Learn more

How to get from Galeão Airport to Copacabana – Learn more

In the city of Rio de Janeiro there are some airports, among them is Galeão, which being international is the busiest. Do you have any questions about how to get from Galeão to Copacabana? Here we will tell you some ways to do this trip, check it out!


Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport – Galeão is located at Ilha do Governador. It’s the main airport in the state of Rio de Janeiro, and through it thousands of people arrive in Rio a year.


This airport is granted for private initiative and with it received investment in infrastructure. It currently has parking and some public transport options, as well as services useful at an airport such as banks, shops and restaurants.




Let’s see some of the public transportation options that are available to those who want to get out of Galeão and go to Copacabana, for example:


This option is very interesting. BRTs are articulated buses that run on exclusive lanes, so they are faster. They accommodate over 100 people and have air conditioning. The Galeão BRT station is located at Terminal 1 on door H, while Terminal 2 on door D.


BRT is open 24 hours, every day of the week, but the airport ticket office is open until 10 pm. In this case, be aware of the time. Remember that the card must be purchased before boarding.

More information on the website: BRT RIO  


To access the BRT you need a ticket, the most recommended is to buy the Rio Card (this works at all public transport options in the city). The ticket price is R$ 4,05.

As you want to go to Copacabana in the South Zone of the city, you will need to make an integration with Metro Rio at Vicente de Carvalho station and take Metro line 1 towards the neighborhood. In this transition, you will have to pay a new subway fare which costs R$ 4,60.


Metro Rio opening hours are:  

Lines 1, 2 and 4 are open from Monday to Saturday from 5 am to midnight; Sundays and holidays from 7 am to 11 pm.

More information about the stations and maps of the city in the websiteMETRO RIO  


If you have a lot of luggage or will arrive in town after the ticket office opening hours, it may be a bit tricky to use this option. 


We made a short introduction to Metro above. And there is no subway station near the airport, so the only option is through the BRT, getting off at Vicente de Carvalho station, which has integration with the subway. You need to pay attention to the hour you need to use the metro services.


To access the stations you must purchase a ticket. There are 2 options: GIRO is the subway card, rechargeable. To purchase it the initial recharge value must be R$ 5,00. Then you can add the values you want. The value of unit tickets is R$ 4,60. 


Giro is a card accepted at METRO RIO only.


The second option is the Rio Card. This is accepted in all public transportation in the city. You must purchase this card at subway stations and it costs R$3,00. It is also possible to reload with the desired values.  



All subway stations have self-service machines and/or ticket offices for users.


In our opinion, this is one of the best options to leave the airport using public transportation. By the name, we can understand that it isn’t really cheap, but it is very affordable. It’s known in the city by the name of “FRESCÃO”. These are blue buses from Expresso Recreio.


Basically they are air-conditioned travel buses, luggage space, comfortable seats and scheduled times (depart from the airport every 30 minutes). If your destination is Copacabana there are two options: 2017 (Galeão – Ipanema) and 2016 (Galeão – Leblon).

Working Hours: International Airport from 5 am to 10:30 pm. 

2017 – Galeão x Ipanema

Bus Stop in Copacabana on Weekdays 

Av. Atlântica, 1800 – Posto 2 (Hotel Windsor Excelsior) 

Av. Atlântica, 3716 – Posto 5 (Hotel Grand Mercure Copacabana)  

Working Hours: das 5h às 22h30  

Tickets: R$ 18,85 

Telephone of Expresso Recreio: 0800-886-1000 

More information in the website: EXPRESSO RECREIO  

2016 – Galeão x Leblon

Bus Stop in Copacabana on weekdays

Av. Atlântica, 1800 – Posto 2 (Hotel Windsor Excelsior) 

Av. Atlântica, 3716 – Posto 5 (Hotel Grand Mercure Copacabana)  

Working Hours: das 5h às 22h30  

Ticket: R$ 18,85 

Telephone of Expresso Recreio: 0800-886-1000 

More information in the website: EXPRESSO RECREIO  


At the airport are boarding stops for this bus. The trip to the South Zone usually takes about 1h20, but it depends a lot on the time and traffic in the city. 


What did you think of these options? Learn more about public transport in the city with the post: PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION IN RIO DE JANEIRO


Uber service in the city, in general, is widely used. Uber X which is a common service and Uber Black which is a high standard service are offered (including some drivers are able to speak English).


In the case of Uber, the only caution is that at the airport there are some restrictions on the use of Uber. You can request service at gates B and C on the 2nd level boarding platform. While you are waiting, you can also contact the driver to confirm the meeting place.



The prices practiced in private car services are generally much cheaper than ordinary taxi fares. Remember that Uber uses dynamic tariffs, so, price changes according to the demand for the service. Still, it can be advantageous in terms of prices.


This is one of the most traditional options known to everyone. Taxi areas at the airport are well signposted and easy to find.


Common taxis in the city are yellow and the prices are in accordance with the taximeter (the clock that calculates the values of the races). However, the price varies according to flag 1 and flag 2.



There are still options for cooperatives operating at airport terminals. The cars of these are in different colors and the prices are according to a rate table.




This option is interesting for those who prefer high standard services. Yes, they practice much higher prices than ordinary taxis. In some places, they are written as “OFFICIAL TAXI”.

They are accredited and reliable special taxis. They are usually bigger and much more comfortable cars. Special taxis only practice the values set by the table.


In both options, additional fees are often charged for each bag the passenger carries. Be aware.


The vast majority of ordinary taxis accept credit and debit card payment, in addition to the more traditional way of paying: cash. In order not to go through an uncomfortable situation, before starting the race, ask if the driver accepts cards.


In the case of cooperatives, there is a prepayment system at the kiosks at the airport that accepts credit and debit cards. So, you don’t have to worry about paying later. They are the window, where you make the order, do the payment and leave with the printed race voucher.

For special taxis, there are ticket offices where services are requested. You can negotiate the values when requesting the service, if you buy the return trip to the airport, for example.


For those unfamiliar with the city, a good suggestion is to use cooperative taxis. The great advantage of this option is that you already know how much the race will cost and do not run the risk of the driver get driving around the city unnecessarily.


Especially at airports, there are many people who will be offering taxi services, don’t fall for that. These are “pirate” taxis that charge an abusive fare and are unreliable. Always wait in the taxi line.


To choose the best option, check it out:

1 Ask taxi companies about the fare to your destination according to the tables.

2 You can go to the boarding platform and simulate the race with Uber.

3 Alright, at this moment you will know which option is most affordable and economical for you!


Do you think these are helpful tips for your trip? Leave us your comment! 🙂

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