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Tobogã do Tarzan Waterfall

Tobogã do Tarzan Waterfall

In Paraty, we have several options for trips: by boat, hiking, trails and waterfalls. The most famous of all is the Tobogã do Tarzan. Are you curious? In this post we have all the tips for you!

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How to get there?

Through the city we have several waterfalls within easy reach. Most of all, they are close to the Paraty-Cunha road. Access is very easy, even if you are on public transport!

We have a bus that leaves from Rodoviária de Paraty, on Avenida Roberto Silveira, that it goes to the neighborhood of Penha. You have to stop close to the entrance to the Tobogã waterfall itself, near to the Pedra Branca Distillery.

Pedra Branca Distillery on Google Maps

From there, an easily accessible trail is the way to Tobogã do Tarzan, it’s around five to ten minutes! Throughout the tour, you will see the best of the Atlantic Forest.

Tobogã and Poço do Tarzan

The name is very curious, but when you arrive at the waterfall, you understand it! Tobogã is a  stone which the waterfall water flows forming a kind of slide and at the end, a natural pool.

Above the Tobogã waterfall, we have the Poço do Tarzan. One of the most beautiful spots in the area. Some people like to jump from the stone to Poço imitating Tarzan (that’s why the name!), However YOUR SAFETY in the first place! See the depth of the water first.

Jeep Tours

Some travel agencies offer the Jeep Tour. It is a full day tour where you will get to know not only the Tarzan’s Tobogã but also other waterfalls. Even in the case of cloudy days, the tour is super worth it. And in this tour, we can visit the Alambiques ( sugar liquor distilleries).

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Usually, the lunch break is on the Tobogã itself, which it has a restaurant for lunch, with snacks and dishes (try Sea food!). See if lunch is included or not when you buy the Jeep Tour.


Besides that, the Jeep tour also goes in some distilleries. The best known are Alambique da Paratiana and Pedra Branca. In these places it is possible to taste artisanal cachaça.

Alambique da Paratiana has a small museum and a collection of various cachaça labels (personal collection of the  owner). There they show how cachaça is produced and all the processes of some types of cachaça (silver, gold, Labareda, Gabriela – the most famous one).

Extra tip! – One of the coolest Alembic that I visited and that it’s usually on the Jeep tour itinerary is Engenho do Ouro. Try the Tangerine Leaves cachaça. Very good!


The Jeep Tour and the Boat Tour are the most popular tours in Paraty. You can experience the best of nature in two days!

To learn about Paraty history and details, plan your Free Walking Tour Paraty during your trip. Perfect to know the curiosities of the city! Every day, except on Wednesdays.

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