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Trails in Rio de Janeiro – The Best Views

Trails in Rio de Janeiro – The Best Views

Rio de Janeiro is a complete city, do you know why? Here we have the historical city center, we have beautiful beaches, gardens, mountains, among other environments. The city is the perfect destination for those who love contact with nature. Do you like hiking? If your answer is yes, here we have the list of the best trails in Rio de Janeiro. Check it out! 


Although many people think that this type of activity is carried out only by trekking professionals, in fact, it can be done by anyone with an interest. It is worth mentioning that some care is necessary for those who are new to the activity, such as good physical conditioning, for example.  

If you are interested in trails, know that the city of Rio de Janeiro is a great place to do some of them. The advantage of the trails is that they are low cost activities and often completely free. All trails here in the city offer incredible views. The vast majority of trails have a light level of difficulty, others moderate. 


– To do trails, prefer to be with a group of friends or even on a tour.

– It’s recommended not to carry too many valuables.

– Pay attention to the times and days of operation of the trails, there is usually a time limit when activities can be done.


For this activity: it’s recommended to wear comfortable clothes, a hat or cap, closed shoes (with non-slip sole), repellents and sunscreens must be applied, light food and constant hydration (drink plenty of water).



Hiking on nature trails can offer some risks. The main risks are: falling and biting animals. To avoid accidents, always follow the instructions and recommendations of the tour guide, stay close to your group and obey the signs to avoid getting lost in nature.

Are you excited? Want to know what the trails are? Check out our list now!

LIGHT TRAILS (Good option for family activity)


A trail that is perfect for observing Rio de Janeiro from different angles is the trail from Mirante do Sacopã. It’s quick and easy to get to the top of the hill. Once there, you will see Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon (a heart-shaped lagoon in the middle of the South Zone of the city).

This trail offers visitors sculptures by different artists along their route. This trail is an idea for a late afternoon. There are more than 30 works spread.


To get to the trail you must arrive at the ‘Parque Municipal da Catacumba’, which is very close to Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas. The route is well marked, don’t worry.   


Average activity time: about 30 minutes  

High: 330 metros  

Distance: 130 m 

Difficulty: Light


This trail is within the Environmental Protection Area of Prainha. The place is known as a surfers paradise. The trail is light and easy. Restinga vegetation and rock cliffs can be found in the area. 

The fame of this trail is due to the possibility of contemplating almost intact vegetation. What are the views of the place? Nothing less than Pedra do Pontal, Recreio dos Bandeirantes and Barra da Tijuca. What do you think?


It is not difficult to get on the trail. First, get to Parque Municipal Ecológico da Prainha, it’s in the West Zone of Rio. This park is right in front of the beach and has a good structure for visitors. The trail path is well marked. Let’s go? 


Average activity time: about 30 minutes  

High: 800 metros  

Distance: 130 m 

Difficulty: Light


Here is the Morro da Urca Trail. That’s exactly what you’re thinking, Urca is the neighborhood where the Sugarloaf Mountain is located, one of the most visited places by tourists. The Morro da Urca trail is not only easy, but also alternates between some uphill stretches that require more effort and the flat stretches.  

Access to Morro da Urca is completely free, which allows you to save money if you want to know the attraction. Being an alternative for those who like the sport and still enjoy the view of the place.

Some say that the view on this hill is even more beautiful than the view on the Sugarloaf Mountain. In that case, you have to check and tell us later, okay?


The Urca neighborhood, in general, is a very safe neighborhood because it’s a military area. So, we can say that this is one of the safest trails in the city. You still have the privileged view of Guanabara Bay.


To get to the Morro da Urca Trail, you must go to Praia Vermelha. From there, continue to ‘Pista Cláudio Coutinho’, where the trail begins.


Average activity time: about 40 minutes  

High: 220 metros  

Distance: 1.5 km 

Difficulty: Light

Know more about the Morro da Urca Trail


If you are new to hiking, this option is for you, as it doesn’t require a high level of fitness. Pico Tijuca Mirim is inside the limits of the Tijuca Forest. The trail consists of a light walk.

Read more about Tijuca Forest 

The view from this trail allows you to appreciate Christ the Redeemer and the North Zone of the city 😊. This trail is well marked and is the same path for those who want to follow Pico da Tijuca (if you decide to continue, who knows, right?).


To arrive at Parque Nacional da Tijuca, you must take the Alto da Boa Vista Road and proceed to Praça Afonso Vizeu. For the trail, you must start the route at Largo do Bom Retiro.

Upon reaching the fork, go straight, which is the direction to Pico da Tijuca Mirim (on the right is the path to Pico da Tijuca). Access to the trail’s starting point by private car is allowed.


Average activity time: about 50 minutes  

High: 917 metros  

Distance: 2.6 km  

Difficulty: Light



Morro Dois Irmãos is where the well-known Vidigal community is located. This hill offers an incredible view of the city. You can enjoy Cristo Redentor, Leblon Beach, São Conrado and even Pedra da Gávea.

With a 360 degree view of the city, it’s undoubtedly one of the most searched after by tourists. It is worth mentioning that this trail has steeper parts and inside the closed forest.


To get to the Morro Dois Irmãos trail, you must enter the Vidigal community using some alternative transport. The options are Kombis or motorbike taxis, which transport residents within the community. Usually, the cost of these transports is around R$ 10,00.


Average activity time: about 1 hour  

High: 539 metros  

Distance: 1.5 km 

Difficulty: Moderate


This is another darling trail for adventurers. Although the access is not the best, the trail is very quiet and fast. The place is inside the limits of the Parque Nacional da Tijuca. Surely those who take the trail are enchanted by the views of the place that are: Morro Dois Irmãos, Christ the Redeemer, Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, Pedra da Gávea and even Barra da Tijuca.


To get to the stone path you must go to São Conrado and follow the Estrada das Canoas. The path is very close to the place where Free Flight takes place in the neighborhood. There is a parking space available if you have a car. If you need public transport, use some applications like MOOVIT and Google Maps, to check the best option for you!

See the options and how work the Public Transportation in Rio de Janeiro 


The best time to do the trail is around 5 am because you will be on top of the rock at sunrise. And let’s agree that you already imagined seeing the sunrise in one of the most beautiful spots in the city? Of course, not only do you think this would be the perfect activity. So, you already know that you will have company. HAHA. It’s really worth it.


Average activity time: about 40 minutes  

High: 693 metros  

Distance: 1.15 km 

Difficulty: Moderate


Do you know that place where people always take pictures hanging, looking like they are going to fall from there? So, this is the famous Telegraph Stone. No wonder, this place always receives many visitors. This is a good trail option for adventurers.

The look of the stone is privileged for the beaches of the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro. Because of the fame of the place, prefer to take the route as early as possible, because there will probably be a lot of people there too.


To get to the trail, you must go to Barra do Guaratiba, looking for the Roberto Burle Marx path. Follow through the center of Barra do Guaratiba and follow the signs towards Pedra do Telégrafo.


Average activity time: a little bit more than 1 hour  

High: 345 metros  

Distance: 2.3 km 

Difficulty: Moderate



This trail needs a little more courage. Some love and others give up on climbing. Why? To get to the top you have to climb a steep rock, next to a cliff. Despite the effort, the look is very worthwhile. You have a view of the forest and the sea, of the South and West Zone of the city, in perfect harmony. Some say that this is the best view of the city.


To get to the trail, you must take the Estrada do Sorimã, which can be accessed by Barrinha. Parking is offered on-site. The area is at Parque Nacional da Tijuca, has good signage for signs, maps and information about the trail.


Average activity time: about 3 hours  

High: 842 metros  

Distance: 1.67 km 

Difficulty: Heavy


If you want to have a view of the city of Rio de Janeiro from another angle, we have a suggestion! It is the Costão de Itacoatiara, in Parque Estadual da Serra da Tiririca. It’s located in Niterói, on the other side of Guanabara Bay.


Niterói is already known for offering the best view of the wonderful city. With this trail, you will be able to enjoy all these wonderful views.


The trail is not easy, it takes about 30 minutes of a steep climb. The route also offers vegetation with the presence of cacti. You will still have a few minutes of walking to reach the stone plateaus. Upon reaching the top, you will have a view of Itacoatiara Beach, Sugarloaf Mountain and Christ the Redeemer.


Don’t know how to get there? First, go to Niterói via the Ferries in Praça XV or the Rio-Niterói Bridge. Upon arriving in Niterói, from the Niterói Bus Terminal, take a bus to Itacoatiara.

In the case of a private car, the Costão de Itacoatiara is about 30 minutes after the center of Niterói, at Rua das Rosas, 24. There’s an information point for visitors (next to the Clube dos Engenheiros), where you will have access to maps and location details.


Average activity time: about 1 hour and 30 minutes

High: 217 metros  

Distance: 1.7 km  

Difficulty: Moderate

Did you like the trails? Don’t waste time and get to visit these special places! 🙂

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