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How to get to Novo Rio Bus Station – Simple and Fast

How to get to Novo Rio Bus Station – Simple and Fast

In the city of Rio de Janeiro, there’s a Bus Station, and it’s called Novo Rio. If you want to visit other cities in Rio or even go to other states it’s possible in this place. Read our post and see more details on how to get to Novo Rio Bus Station in a very easy way. Check it out.


Novo Rio Bus Station is located in the Santo Cristo neighborhood, right in the city center. It’s located in this region, for easy access to the main highways of the city and to the city center. The terminal was opened in 1969.

Read here for more information about the City Center.


Address: Avenida Francisco Bicalho, 1 Santo Cristo, Rio de Janeiro 

Telephone: (21) 3213-1800 


1 Novo Rio Bus Station is the second biggest in South America;

2 About 1500 employees work in this terminal in various functions;

3 Novo Rio bus station offers more than 200 travel routes;

4 More than 40 bus companies are operating at the terminal;

5 On normal days about 20,000 people circulate at the terminal and this number almost triples on commemorative dates, holidays and major events.



You can go to Novo Rio Bus Station using Public Transportation (depending on your location) or by private car. See some options here:  


This is the one the most simple and economical way to get to the bus station. In the city of Rio, the metro system works well. Metro Rio is safe, fast and economical, and some stations also offers an integrated system with metro and bus.

In the case of VLT, this system works as a more structured subway and a much smaller tracking than the previous one.


To get to the terminal you will need to combine Metro and VLT, our suggestion is to buy the Rio Card ticket as soon as you arrive in the city. This ticket is accepted on all types of public transportation in Rio.

The Metro card is just for the Metro, so you would need to buy another card to have access to VLT. Complicated, right? Go with Rio Card!

In this case, you must purchase the Rio Card for the VLT at the own boarding stations and recharge it for use. Self-service machines are available at all stations. The ticket costs R$ 3,00 and the ticket R$ 3,80.


1 You can use the Metro Rio and disembark at Cinelândia station in the city center;

If you come from the South Zone, get on the line direction to Uruguai; disembark at Cinelandia;

If you come from the North Zone, get on the line direction to Botafogo or Jardim Oceânico; disembark at Cinelandia;

2 At Cinelândia Square, go to VLT station and get on the line direction to Praia Formosa;

3 You’ll disembark at Rodoviária Station.



LINES: 1, 2 and 4  

From Monday to Saturday, from 05:00 to midnight; Sundays and Holidays, from 07:00 to 11 pm.


Line 2 customers wishing to transfer to Lines 1 and 4 must be at Central Station by midnight.  

Line 4 customers wishing to transfer to Line 2 must be at Botafogo Station by midnight.

More information on Metrô Rio page.


Every day from 06:00 until midnight.


The Praia Formosa line works until 8:00 pm.  

More information on the VLT Carioca page.


To reach the Novo Rio Bus Station, you can also use the service of private cars. In the city of Rio de Janeiro, you can use Uber, Cabify, 99 and others. You just need one mobile phone with the internet.


1 If your trip has a departure time after 20h, remember that the VLT line that takes you to the bus station does not circulate and it is necessary to use some other type of transport.

2 A good option for you with family or friends is to use Uber or Taxi services. Because depending on your location and how many people you are with, sharing the value of a particular car race is much more beneficial.


To know more details and tips about the city of Rio de Janeiro, join our tour. Free Walking Tour Downtown and Lapa is a very interesting and fun tour.


The history of this place began when a plan to reform public transportation to the city of Rio de Janeiro was envisioned in 1965. This initiative intended to transform the city. It was called the “NEW RIO” project. That sounds familiar, doesn’t it? That’s right, that’s the name of the city’s bus terminal.


In the 1970s, the state of Guanabara and Rio de Janeiro were united. With this, the Rio de Janeiro State Road and Terminal Development Company – Companhia de Desenvolvimento Rodoviário e Terminais do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (CODERTE) was created.

Initially, this company was responsible for space management. In 1990, the concession of administration became a private initiative. The terminal was then called Consessionária Novo Rio.

The same company that manages and operates the bus station also operates other spaces such as Niterói and Angra dos Reis Terminal. The facilities are in good condition and with modern and comfortable equipment. The Rio de Janeiro terminal offers its users:


Automatic doors;

– Air Condicional System;

Panoramic elevators; 


Information boarding and disembarking boards;

Surveillance and security system;

Accessibility project;


Two large food courts;

Money Exchange;

Banking Agency.

It has a good structure, right? It is one of the most comfortable bus stations in the country.


We know the city of Rio de Janeiro is quite famous for the insecurity issue, unfortunately. Before you leave your hotel or lodging, find out where you want to go and how to get there safely. The options we said above are safe and easy. Study using the travel insurance service. It costs nothing to prevent, doesn’t it?

Now just enjoy the city and discover wonderful places! Did you like our tips? Leave your comment.😊  

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