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Tourist Attractions in Rio de Janeiro – Where to go?

Tourist Attractions in Rio de Janeiro – Where to go?

One of the most touristic cities in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro has many interesting places for you to visit. Want to know what points you should know? Read our text and discover the sights in Rio de Janeiro


Only in the city of Rio de Janeiro are some of the most popular tourist spots in the world. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit these places on your trip to the wonderful city. As we want you to have a fantastic trip, we created a list of the most searched and famous sights in the city. Check out!


This statue is one of the seven wonders of the modern world and cannot be left out of your list. The main postcard of the city of Rio de Janeiro is one of the places most sought after by tourists. The view of the city at the top of Corcovado Hill, where Christ is located is impressive. The statue is 38 meters high, made in the Art Deco style. It was opened in 1931.


Know more details and Curiosities about Christ The Redeemer 

Choose to visit the place on a sunny day so you can have one of the best views of the city. It’s worth mentioning that, on these days, the attraction will probably be quite full.

See here: How to get to Christ the Redeemer 


The other most visited attraction in the city is the Sugarloaf Mountain. It’s located in the Urca district and is 400 meters above sea level. To visit Sugarloaf, you must take the cable car that transports you between the hills of the attraction.

First, you take a cable car from Praia Vermelha and go up to Urca Hill, from there, take another cable car to Sugar Loaf. You still have the option of adventurers who prefer to do a trail and climb up to Morro da Urca. It’s up to you!


Guys, this attraction offers you a 360º view of the city of Rio de Janeiro. This view is fantastic! And also, enjoying the sunset, being at Pão de Açúcar is even more special.  

Check here how to get there and other details about the Sugarloaf in Rio de Janeiro 

In the central area of the city, we have some options for sights that may be interesting for you to visit.


Lapa’s arches actually functioned in the country’s colonial period as an aqueduct. Responsible for bringing water to the population of Rio, after modernizing water transport processes, it has become obsolete.

Fortunately the Lapa Arches, still standing, embellishing the city center. It’s a reference point in the city and a meeting place for friends on weekends. Read more about the Arches of Lapa 



One of the most famous stairs in the world and it’s not for nothing that even U2 and Snoop Dogg have even recorded music videos in this place. Chilean Jorge Selarón saw a blank screen on these steps and decided to dedicate part of his life to transforming the place. It was a project that lasted more than 20 years, with more than 2000 tiles from different parts of the world, spread over 215 steps.


Jorge’s idea was to leave the staircase with the face of Brazil since in the World Cup and Olympic Games the whole country is dressed in green and yellow. There are some other details you can find out about the staircase, read our text here:  Selarón Stairs in Rio de Janeiro 


Located at Cinelândia Square, in the center of Rio, the Municipal Theater is one of the most beautiful buildings in Brazil. With a project based on the Paris Opera, it was opened in 1909 and even has gold leaves on its facade and an incredible dome, which draws the attention of passersby.

Until today it serves as a stage for performances by artists from all over the world and has its own companies in the areas of ballet and classical music. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this space. Know all the details about the Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro.


Do you want to know a little more about the city of Rio de Janeiro, in a very informative and fun tour? Join the Walking Tour Downtown and Lapa! We will pass by some very famous spots in the city (Confeitaria Colombo, Municipal Theater, National Library, Praça XV, Arcos da Lapa), we will still tell you the story of each one of them and you will have a lot of fun, we guarantee. 



This place was the residence of Laurinda Santos Lobo, a place where the artists and intellectuals of Rio met at parties and celebrations in the neighborhood of Santa Teresa. After becoming abandoned ruins, a site preservation project was carried out and turned into a cultural center.


The place offers visitors a very pleasant café and wonderful views of the Sugarloaf Mountain, Guanabara Bay, the city center and the Rio-Niterói bridge. Find out more about the neighborhood of Santa Teresa. 


The Brazilian Empire dances were held here. Currently, it functions as a Cultural Center for the Brazilian Navy and preserves its structure, which looks more like a castle. To get there, it’s necessary to take a boat that leaves the Cultural Space of Navy in Praça XV, and the site offers a spectacular view of the Sugarloaf Mountain and Guanabara Bay.

Other must-see attractions in different areas of the city of Rio de Janeiro.


Here is the perfect place for tourists that loves football! The famous Maracanã stadium is a must-see attraction in the city. It was considered the largest football stadium in the world, at the 1950 World Cup, receiving more than 200,000 spectators at that event.

For the 2014 World Cup, the stadium underwent another renovation. Guided visits are made for those who want to know the stands, cabins, dressing room and other spaces. And if possible, try to watch a football match while you are in the city, if it’s between clubs in Rio, even better. The thrill of being there is incredible.

Make a visit and be delighted!



This is one of the largest forests in urban areas in the world. Very important for the city of Rio de Janeiro, it is the perfect place for those who enjoy outdoor activities.

The forest offers good options for trails such as the Pico da Tijuca e a Pedra do Telégrafo for adventurers, in addition to Vista Chinesa,a super beautiful viewpoint. There are also caves, waterfalls, and other interesting spaces for visitors. Check out: TIJUCA FOREST. 



The lagoon is located in the South Zone of the city, very close to Ipanema. Here you can do different activities, the area has an 8km running or cycling track.

You will also have a beautiful view of Christ the Redeemer. In this area are some cool bars and restaurants. Cine Lagoon is a program for couples in love. What do you think?

And since we are talking about Lagoa and Ipanema, how about getting to know the best beaches in Rio de Janeiro? See the list of the 5 best here!


Our Botanical Garden was created by Dom João VI, when he landed in Rio de Janeiro in 1808. One of the most important biodiversity spaces in the world, it has more than 40,000 species of plants and many animals.


Among the spaces that exist in the garden is the beautiful entrance with imperial palm trees, the lakes of royal victories, an orchidarium, greenhouses and a sensory garden for people with visual impairments, in addition to a central fountain. The place is fantastic. Be sure to make a visit. 





Leaving the Botanical Garden, there is a building nearby which is Parque Lage. A beautiful park that is on the edge of the Tijuca Forest and from there you can see the Christ the Redeemer statue. There is a beautiful building in Parque Lage, a Roman palace, with a pool in the middle, built at the request of a man in love with his wife.

Nowadays, part of the construction works as a School of Visual Arts and events always happen there. On the exterior side of the building, there are some gardens, lakes, an aquarium and caves, as well as an area for visitors to perform leisure activities in the space, such as picnics.  

Read here about the Parque Lage 


Here a military fort operated to prevent enemy ships from invading Guanabara Bay around the 20th century. Built on a rock very close to the sea, today the fort is a military museum and there is a unit of the most famous bakery in Rio de Janeiro, it’s the Café do Forte.

In addition to visiting the museum, enjoy the view of Copacabana Beach, and on the other side of the beach will be Leme Fort. SugarLoaf is also one of the visible points of the fort. Do a visit!    


Did you know that from Copacabana Fort you can have a view of Pedra do Arpoador? Famous and beautiful place to enjoy the sunset in the city. Find out the best places to take advantage of the Sunset in Rio de Janeiro!


The city has a wide variety of museums. They are museums of science, modern, contemporary and fine arts. Museums dedicated to history are also here.


Each space preserves a little of the history of Brazil and Rio de Janeiro, of our society and culture. To help you with so many options, we made a list with some good options for you to visit: MUSEUMS IN RIO DE JANEIRO  

What did you think of our tips? Tell us your opinion!

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