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Christ The Redeemer Curiosities

Christ The Redeemer Curiosities

Today I want to share Christ the Redeemer curiosities that call my attention. When we talk about Rio de Janeiro, we always remember it: the wonderful symbol of the city, recently voted one of the 7 Wonders of the World!

If we just look at the statue we get impressed. But has someone ever thought: and to construct the statue? How did they manage to sculpt such a huge statue? I always thought that statue was built on the top of Corcovado hill (709m above the sea level!) because it would be impossible to transport everything to the top! I started studying about it and discovered that I was totally wrong!

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1. Donations

The statue was a celebration of the 100 years of Brazilian independency and all the money for the construction came from donations. It took 10 YEARS to collect enough money to construct the monument Christ in Rio de Janeiro.


2. The artist who built Christ the Redeemer

After collecting the money it was time to choose who would built it. A Frenchman (Paul Landowski), not a Brazilian, was the designer of the statue of Christ.


3. French Statue

This is my favourite of Christ the redeemer curiosities. I’m sure you thought that Paul Landowski came to Brazil to build the monument. But no! He made everything in France and after sent it to Brazil! To make sure it would be possible to transport it, they divided the statue in pieces: the head alone consisted of over 50 pieces!



4.  Corcovado train

You might be wondering – how did they manage to take the pieces to the top o Corcovado hill – 709m above the see level? They carried it to the top of Corcovado Rio de Janeiro by the train that nowadays takes tourists to the statue! Check here corcovado train information


5. Construction time

The construction took 5 years (half a decade!). Christ is 30m high and from the left to the right arm it has 28m. Its weight? 1.145 tons!

If you are coming to Rio and want to go to the Christ take a look on our last post where we told you all the ways of getting there!

If you have questions you can just comment. We hope you enjoyed our curiosities about Christ the Redeemer.


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