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The Fort of the Perpetual Defender

The Fort of the Perpetual Defender

Between the beaches of Pontal and Jabaquara, we have a historic gem: Forte do Defensor Perpétuo. It’s an amazing tour because the Fort has a Museum and an incredible view of the bay of Paraty.

After visiting Paraty’s Fort, you can walk through the historic center. The most cultured little piece of the city. In our post about Historical Center, you can find a lot of thing to do and to see.

The Fort and its history

The history of the Fort and the city of Paraty started together, when Paraty was São Roque village. In the area where now we have this fortification it was located the first settlement core what it would become Paraty.

Because the portuguese faced a lot of invasions – just remember the French and Dutch invasions, they built several forts in the coastal region of Brazil to defend the colony.

The first building dates from 1793, but it was abandoned years later. With the order of the emperor Pedro I, the Fort was remodeled in 1822. When Peter I declares our Independence, he is titled as Emperor and Perpetual Defender of Brazil.

When the Fort is ready, the city of Paraty decides to named the title of Pedro. The Fort now is: Fort of the Perpetual Defender.


The Museum

Nowadays, the Fort is a museum and it shows temporary exhibitions and it also has a permanent one that tells the history of the construction and it contains some period objects.

To know more, check their website.

Tuesday to Sunday. From 9am to 12am – 1pm to 5pm. Be sure to visit!

If you want more information and tips about the city, take our Paraty Free Walking Tour. We are waiting for you!

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