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Paraty Hiking Trails: the best hiking trails in the city

Paraty Hiking Trails: the best hiking trails in the city

Paraty Hiking Trails. Paraty delights people from all over world: intact colonial houses, untouched beaches, stunning islands, forests reserves and waterfalls! That is thanks to its special location, at the middle of “Mata Atlântica” or Atlantic Forest with many environmental protected areas!


Together with this gorgeous scenery, Paraty offers countless options of treks! If you want to have a closer contact to the nature, forget the daily life stress and do physical exercise, there are many options! So check our selection of trails of the area. From easy to challenging treks, have a look on our 4 favorite Paraty hiking trails!


Tip: there are a lot of mosquitos in Paraty, so don’t forget your mosquitoes repelent.



1.  Cachadaço Natural Swimming Pool


First of all, Cachadaço is a natural swimming pool of volcanic rocks in Trindade Village. The depth of the pool isn’t more than 1 meter in most of the places and the water is super calm and clean. It’s possible to swim with the colorful fishes that inhabit the place. Take a snorkel to enjoy the most of the experience!




To access the swimming pool through the treks, there are 2 parts: the first is a pleasant walk to Praia do Meio (or middle beach) and the second harder (but still easy) walk to the swimming pool. There is a demarcation on the trek, so it is possible to do without a guide. There are approximately 300m from Praia do Meio to Cachadaço, few climbs, and also a handrail demarks the hiking trek.


From Paraty to Trindade: You can access by public transportation (bus). The bus leaves from Paraty main bus terminal and costs R$5,00. Check the timetable of Tridade buses. If you are driving, take the highway Rio-Santos heading to São Paulo. Trindade is approximately 24km of the Historical Center.


Tip: there isn’t a sand area in Cachadaço swimming pool to leave your belongs. Usually people let them on the rocks, which usually get wet. So I recommend you to take only what is really necessary.


Difficulty: Easy


Hiking Time: About 30min.



2. Sono, Antigos and Antiguinhos Beach


This is my favourite of Paraty Hiking trails. It’s an indescribable feeling to get to an unchanged beach after a hike at the middle of the jungle.


Sono beach only hosts a small fishing village. This paradise has white sand and crystal water. You can access beach hiking or by boat: both leave from Laranjeiras village.




The hiking to Praia do Sono has about 1km and, if you do it at a slow pace, takes about 1 hour and 30minutes. The access is kind of easy, however a heavy backpack can make it much harder. The trek starts with a climb (what gives the fake impression that the effort is much harder than it actually is). But don’t be discouraged, after approximately 25 minutes climbing, the walk becomes easier and pleasant, with parts of climbing and parts of decrease.


If you are not tired of the trek to Praia do Sono, it’s possible keep going to the beach of Antigos. This trek starts with an uncovered climb, so there aren’t shades. At least the climb is fast (around 15min). After a hard begging (again!), a lot of trees cover the trek and it starts to decline.


Antigos is an amazing isolated beach without constructions by the beach. The area is 100% nature surrounded. This was listed as one of the best Brazilian beaches.


Do you still want to see one more amazing place? Take one more 5min trek to Antiguinhos, one more untouched beach.


The total time to hike from Sono beach to Antiguinhos is about 30 minutes.


To get to Laranjeiras, it is also possible to take a bus from Paraty main bus terminal.Here is available the timetable of Paraty to Laranjeiras. Get off at the final bus stop to find the entrance of the trek.


Difficulty: Moderate


Total Hiking Time: About 2 hours



3. Gold Trail


A different option of Paraty hiking trails, that doesn’t go to the beach. The Gold Trail is a highway built by slaves that used to connect Paraty to the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil (this is a countryside state from where the gold came from). In a revitalization process 5km of the old highway was rebuilt. You will see the Atlantic Forest during all the walk.




On the way you will see waterfalls (among them the famous slide waterfall), atelies, alambiques (place where we produce cachaça) and a lot more. The visitation requires a Brazilian licensed guide, as the trail goes through private properties.


The trail starts at the Information Center of the Gold Trail, accessible by bus (line Penha, of Colitur: see the bus timetable to Penha).


For the ones who are driving, the trail is at Paraty – Cunha Highway (km 11). There is always a guide available at the entrance of the trail (from 11:30AM on)


Difficulty: Moderate


Hiking Time: 1h30min



4.  Pão de Açúcar (Sugarloaf) of Mamanguá – Paraty Hiking Trails


For the ones who didn’t know: there is also a hill called Sugarloaf in Paraty! Haha! The location of peak is in Cruzeiro Beach, in Saco do Mamanguá (read about Saco do Mamamguá on our blog post about Paraty Beaches).


The climb to the top is steep (approximately 440m), so get ready and take a lot of water. The trek is easy to follow and chances of getting lost is almost null. And the effort is worth when you get to the top and admire the landscape from the top. The way down is easier, as it goes downhill, but make sure you save at least 1 hour.




How to get there? There isn’t any car o public transportation that goes to Cruzeiro Beach, as there are a lot of forest around the beach. The closest beach accessible by public transportation is Paraty Mirim (see again the timetable of Paraty buses). Once you get in Paraty Mirim, it’s easy to rent a boat to take you to Cruzeiro Beach (from R$100,00 to R$120,00 per boat).


Difficulty: Moderate


Hiking Time: 2h


P.S.: If you like adventures, instead of taking a boat, it’s possible to hike to Curupira Beach (from 5h to 8h hiking) and from there take a boat to Cruzeiro Beach (approximately 20 minutes)


Besides the nature and Paraty hiking trails, do you want to discover the history of this incredible colonial city? Join our Free Walking Tour Paraty

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