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Guide of the Most Romantic Places in Rio de Janeiro

Guide of the Most Romantic Places in Rio de Janeiro

If this is a couple trip and you already visited all the most famous points of the city, don’t worry, we have something for you! Rio de Janeiro offers romantic options of places for you.

We’ll give you some interesting options here. Check it out!



If you already visited Sugar Loaf you may have noticed that the neighborhood is really quiet with amazing views. This neighborhood offers much more than just the famous touristic attraction. You can do the following tours:

Enjoy a sunny day at Praia Vermelha. This beach is much quieter than the famous Copacabana and Ipanema for exemple. From here you can have a privilege view of Sugar Loaf.

Take a nice walk on Cláudio Coutinho Trail. This trail is at the feet of Sugar Loaf and it’s open everyday from 06 am to 6 pm.

After the beach and the walk, you can enjoy the sunset at Mureta da Urca. Here you can enjoy some delights such as ‘bolinhos’ and ‘croquetes’ typical of the city as a very cold beer.


Read in our post many options of where to enjoy the sunset in the city of Rio de Janeiro:  Sunset in Rio de Janeiro.


Located right next to the Botanical Garden, Parque Lage itself is already a very romantic place. The whole story behind the construction of the place is really interesting. But we have another post about it, check it out: PARQUE LAGE 

What we will leave you with suggestion is to take a walk in this place that has a mixture of nature and love. In the park there are many gardens, a Roman Palace, a swimming pool, some lakes, bridges, an aquarium and some animals, as well as being part of Tijuca Forest.

Here you can also have a picnic in one of its gardens. Yes, there is a space for this leisure activity. And have you ever thought that romantic? It is very worthwhile to set aside a little time of your trip and make this surprise for the loved one. 😊  

Address: Rua do Jardim Botânico, 414. Jardim Botânico – Rio de Janeiro 

Telephone: (21) 2334-4088 


The place impresses with the wonderful view of the entire coastline of Copacabana Beach, and the landscape in the background is the Sugar Loaf. Here you can still enjoy some delights in two very famous restaurants that work in space.

There is also an Army Museum and some other places to visit.


So you think: Is cinema still a romantic option these days? We will tell you yes. Especially if it’s at Cinépolis Lagoon. This is a network of luxury movie theaters, with many amenities for customers.

Cinépolis Lagoon offers 6 showrooms with reclining leather armchairs, sophisticated food waiter service and specialty cocktails. In addition to all this, the place is located in front of Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, which makes everything even more special.

Check out the options of the movies that are playing in space: CINÉPOLIS LAGOON  


Want to have a drink and watch the sunset with your loved one? In Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas is located the Palaphita KitchThis is a bar-restaurant-lounge with outdoor armchairs and sofas. It has a decoration and menu with inspirations of the Amazon.

Adress: quiosque 19 e 20, Avenida Epitácio Pessoa, S/N – Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro  

Working HoursFrom Monday to Friday from 5 pm to midnight; Saturday and Sunday from midday to midnight.

Telephone: (21) 2227-0837 


This is a place for those who enjoy time travel. The space opened in 1938 in the Copacabana neighborhood. Cine Roxy is recognized as the “landmark of the city’s film culture”.

In this cinema in addition to the many exhibitions of the releases of world cinema, in space there were concert performances. Following the decline of street theaters in 1991, the Roxy underwent a makeover.


The details of the lobby and the façade have been preserved. The audio and video systems were modernized and the cinema gained more comfortable seats. It currently operates in a heritage building and preserves much of the history of old cinemas.


Isn’t it a wonderful option of a program to do with the loved one. Don’t miss the opportunity to get to know this cinema, we guarantee you’ll be delighted!

More information: CINE ROXY

Address: Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, 945 A – Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro


In this lookout you’ll have one of the most beautiful views of Rio de Janeiro. The lookout is part of Tijuca Forest. Did you know this construction is a tribute to chinese people? They were really important for the cultivation and importation of tea in Brazil. The monument was built between 1902 and 1906. 

From Chinese View you can see Corcovado Hill, Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, Sugar Loaf Mountain and Guanabara Bay. The local has an easy access.

Adress: Estrada da Vista Chinesa, 789 – Alto da Boa Vista, Rio de Janeiro 

Find out more details about this placeVISTA CHINESA


If you prefer a special place for dinner or drinks in the company of a loved one, be sure to visit Santa Teresa neighborhood. The neighborhood is very charming and has an Old Rio climate, with cobbled streets and colonial mansions.


Read more about Santa Teresa Neighborhood.

There are some options of restaurants, bars and hotels that offers special menus and amazing views. Check some:

Aprazível: This is an option for those who enjoy fancy places. The view from this restaurant is simply breathtaking. The culinary here utilizes the natural and tropical elements, which allows the clients to have a perfect experience. The products offered are self-made such as chocolate, wine, beer, coffee and cachaça. We think it’s a great recommendation. 

Address: Rua Aprazível, 62 – Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro  

Working Hours From Wednesday to Saturday from 12:00 to 11:00 pm; sunday from 12:00 to 6:00 pm.

It doesn’t open Monday and Tuesdays.

Telephone: (21) 2508-9174 


Bar dos Descasados: this place is really sophisticated. In reality this bar works at Santa Teresa Hotel RJ – MGalleryThis bar is really comfortable and has an incredible view of the city, with a kind of romantic yet relaxed feel. Enjoying the sunset from this bar is amazing.

If you are wondering if it’s possible to attend this bar even if you’re not staying at the hotel, the answer is yes! Although it operates inside the hotel, the bar is open to the public and you can enjoy the place, without necessarily being a guest! Usually on Sundays there are jazz shows.  

Address: Rua Felício dos Santos, 15 – Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro  

Working Hours Thursdays from 05:00 pm to midnight; Friday and Saturday from 5:00 pm to 1:00 am.

It doesn’t open from Sunday to Wednesday.

Restaurante Térèze: this restaurant is also a part of Santa Teresa Hotel RJ – MGallery. This place is is pure sophistication with panoramic view of Guanabara Bay. The menu is contemporary inspired by Latin American cuisine. Have you ever imagined that special dinner? Try it!

Address: Rua Felício dos Santos, 15 – Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro  

Working Hours:  

Breakfast: From Monday to Friday from 07:00 am to 10:30 am; Saturday and Sunday from 07:00 am to 11:00 am.

Lunch and Dinner: everyday from 12:00 to 11:00 pm.  

Telephone: (21) 3380-0259 


If you enjoyed the bars and restaurants suggested above, we have a special weekend option in the neighborhood. One of the coolest hotels in the neighborhood is the Santa Teresa Hotel RJ – MGallery. This is a 5 star boutique hotel. Here you will be greeted with sparkling wine by a wonderful staff.

It offers a unique tropical design and panoramic views of Guanabara Bay, with a pool surrounded by gardens and many facilities for guests. It’s certainly a very romantic and refined option.

AddressRua Almirante Alexandrino, 660 – Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro  

Telephone: (21) 3380-0200 


The classic question to lovers: “who would you take to a desert island?” Clearly your answer will be the loved one. Then check out our island options in Barra da Tijuca to make this adventure:



These places offer good structures with bars and restaurants with beautiful views, for all tastes and budgets. For access to the islands it is necessary to make a boat trip, which makes the experience even more special.

Take a tour in these islands and enjoy all the natural beauty of Rio de Janeiro. Read more about BARRA DA TIJUCA! 


Want to know some other interesting places in the city? Join our Free Walking Tour of Downtown and Lapa. Our tour will take you to attractions with a Walker who loves with Rio!



The city of Paraty is a charm in itself. It was very important in the history of Brazil, as it was a place that made easier the transportation of gold in the colonial period of the country. The streets are of stone and very colonial houses. It’s like time travel.

Join our Free Walking Tour Paraty and discover more curiosities about the place.


In the city of Paraty the beaches are wonderful and peaceful. You can also do some boat and schooner rides, as well as some water activities in the area.

See some options here: BOAT TOURS PARATY 


The cuisine is one of the most praised. With good options of restaurants and bars, you should enjoy and taste some typical drinks of the city.


Read more about Paraty and where to stay in the city: FREE WALKER PARATY 


This city is very charming and cozy for a couple weekend. With a colder climate, the atmosphere is perfect for dinner, wine and cheese, chocolates and some other delights to enjoy.

The city offers visitors good tourist infrastructure as it is well known as a tourist city. There are many lodging and dining options. Plan some tours to enjoy the sights and nature of the place.

See more options of hotels in the city: HOTELS IN TERESOPOLIS 


This city is very interesting and certainly worth a visit. Besides offering a very pleasant climate, in Petrópolis are many places to visit. In the city that is located the Crystal Palace and the Imperial Museum, which belonged to the Portuguese Royal Family.

Beautiful and historic, it is a good choice for a couple weekend. Petrópolis is a place with a very interesting architectural style and a lot of nature. Enjoy the enchanting atmosphere and take a walk through these charming streets.

See more options of hotels in the city: HOTELS IN PETRÓPOLIS 


In the city of Nova Friburgo there is a big influence of German and Swiss culture. The cuisine is inspired by the cultural roots of the city and you will feel in these places. One of the most searched places by tourists and couples in love in the city, are the chocolate factories.

This city also offers many natural attractions such as Jardim do Nêgo, very special and with stone sculptures. You will still enjoy amazing waterfalls.


Enjoy a night of stars with your loved one. The city of Nova Friburgo has been elected by the National Observatory as one of the best for stargazing across the country. This is due to the low light of the region, especially during the winter.

A place to enjoy the stars is the camping Toca da Onça. This place has infrastructure for the activity, as well as space for tents and huts in the middle of nature.

See more options of accommodations in the city: Accommodations in Nova Friburgo


Prefer more rustic places? Viscount of Mauá is the perfect option for you! This small town is a village of Resende. Very close to the state of Minas Gerais, the city is full of charming and very rustic villages.

In addition to all the simplicity, this is full of natural attractions such as waterfalls, events and ecological tours. The cuisine of the city is very local and with a wealth of flavors. Good choice for those who want a very romantic trip, due to the calm of the city. Get to know it!  



This city is a district of Resende, at the south of Rio de Janeiro State. Known for being a Finnish colony. The buildings are very characteristic and the place offers some activity options for visitors such as Itatiaia Park (Ecological Park).

Very famous for its wonderful gastronomic and cultural center, among the delicacies of the place are the ice cream and Finnish chocolates. Most of the city’s restaurants and bars offer live music.


To get to Visconde de Mauá you have to go through Penedo. And being Penedo at the foot of the mountain where Visconde de Mauá is located, then it is possible to take a day trip and return to Visconde, for example.

If you liked Penedo and want to stay in the city, here are some options: ACCOMMODATIONS IN PENEDO 


A town in the district of Valença. This place is very famous for singing. Didn’t understand? In 1938, a group of guitarists left at dawn and decided to sing before the window of their loved ones. The achievement pleased the girls who received the serenade, as well as the whole village.

The singing and reciting poems takes place until today. Singing takes over the city on Friday and Saturday nights. In the mornings, it’s possible to be enchanted by the singing of musicians on Saturdays and Sundays.Even the tourists get in the joke.

The streets of the city of Conservatory are full of colonial buildings. There is also a good infrastructure for tourists with good restaurants and lodging. If you want to enjoy all this, look here some accommodations: HOTELS IN CONSERVATÓRIA  


What do you think of our tips? Got a hint of romantic spot in town? Tell us!

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