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Paraty city tour is a commercial name for the tour in the historical center. This is my favorite tour in this lovely city! Of course there are many other great attractions, but to walk among the historical houses, to wander through narrow streets paved with little stones, to see the churches, the poets promoting their poems, and to observe the people walking by, make us think about how was the life years ago!   If you have only 1 day or only a couple of hours, it’s to this area where you should dedicate your attention! There are some options to take the most of this experience, of course, the one we recommend is the Free Walking Tour, or Paraty City Tour. The tour is offered at 10:30 (new timetable) and 17:00 in Portuguese and English (We run the English and Portuguese tour everyday, including Wednesdays).   The free walking tour works like this: you do the tour, the guides make their best and in the end, if you like and if you think it is worth, you are free to contribute with as much as you want! Do I need to say the guides work really hard to make you love the tour and of course their job?! Because of this, normally it’s a high quality tour! All over the world!   Besides the information about the tour, you can get the best tips about what to do with your time in Paraty, what to eat or drink, meet people from everywhere, make a new friend or just a company for a coffee later on! Well, for a coffee or for a Jorge Amado… (Jorge Amado is the local drink that you must try!)   Of course you can walk in the historical center by yourself, but this area is the great attraction of Paraty, most of the people go to Paraty because of that, so all the history, the datails, the funny facts, the curiosities it what make the difference! Definitely you should take a city tour!     I used to guide for a while in Paraty and it was very common people say: Uau! I’ve been here yesterday all the day and during your tour today me and my wife saw really great things that we just didn’t notice by ourselves!’ Or: AAhh! Sure! So that’s why there are so many churches here!’ – ‘Ah, so all this details in the houses make sense now!’ – ‘I would never guess all this things are because of the Masonic society!’and so on! Hehe!     What I’m trying to say is, you’re gonna love Paraty with or without a city tour, but the ‘’unforgetable’’ you get with information!   Main attractions of Paraty City Tour

  • Matriz Square and Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Church
  • Nossa Senhora das Dores Church
  • The Princetown House
  • Casa da Cultura
  • The houses with maconic facade
  • Nossa Senhora do Rosário e São Benedito church
  • Largo de Santa Rita and Santa Rita church
  • Fire street

If you want to visit this places with our free walking tour, what you need to know is:   Tour timetable: 10:30 (new!) and 5:00 (We run the English and Portugueses tour everyday, including Wednesdays) Duration: 2 hours Meeting point: Matriz Square – find us in red t-shirts! We offer tours sun or rainy! Join us!

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