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Weather of Paraty: best season to plan your trip!

Weather of Paraty: best season to plan your trip!

When  you are planning a trip, the weather and temperature influence a lot what to do. The tours are different if you plan to hike in the mountains or if you want to visit a cosmopolitan city. In Paraty, we always think about nice beaches and a beautiful nature.

The most offered tours in the city are Boat Tours and Tours through Waterfalls and Distilleries. In this post, we will tell you everything to prepare you for the trip, how to choose the best time and the tour options.

If you want more info to “how plan your trip”, read our post about Paraty Tours.

Costa Verde

The city of Paraty is located in the Costa Verde area. It’s called like that because of the  Atlantic Forest in the region.

Costa Verde is the coast of the south of Rio de Janeiro until the north of São Paulo. Other cities also popular in the area are: Ilha Grande in Angra dos Reis, Ubatuba and Ilha Bela.

Despite the tropical climate, Costa Verde can have quite rainy days because the humidity of the area. During the summer, as it’s an area with a lot of green and humidity, we have sunny days and torrential rains that last a short time in the afternoon. During the winter, temperatures drop a lot.

The recommendation is always to take advantage of the tours that involve beaches and waterfalls in the morning. And visit the museums, or even join our Paraty Free Walking Tour in the afternoon. Always try to find out more about the weather to plan your trips, the city has several options!


There is a lot of options!

Boat and Jeep Tours are full-day tours. The landscape is beautiful and it’s impossible not to fall in love with the beaches and waterfalls. For sunny days there is no doubt! Several agencies offer these tours, sometimes with pickup and lunch included.

Another option for more cloudy and rainy days, it’s worth a visit to the historic center. It’s one of the most charming spots in the city and full of history too! For more tips, visit our post on What to do in Paraty with rain!

In the historic center, we have the Religious Art Museum, SESC and the Casa de Cultura. The last two have exhibitions by local artists and explore Paraty’s history a lot. Be sure to visit!

The Festivals

The city of Paraty is known as the city of Festivals. Because of  tourism, the festival calendar is very busy and with large events. The city’s events calendar can be accessed here.

The most famous and important religious holidays are Easter and the Festival do Divino. During Easter, we have a celebration involving the opening of doors, called Passos (Steps), which they are around the historical center.

The Divino party is considered one of the most popular parties in Brazil. Masses and processions are held in the city. Its origin dates back to Brazilian colonization and and this party was brought by the Portuguese. The celebration is on Pentecost day.

The Cachaça Festival is one of the most awaited festivals during the year. Cachaça is an alcohol liquor made by sugar cane. It’s really popular in Brazil and we have a lot of brands. 

Other very famous festivals in the city are FLIP, a literary fair that it has been going on for 18 years in the city. Several artists, writers and editors organize events and the city has a lot of nice events going on.

The Bourbon Jazz Festival is one of the most popular on the calendar, just as FLIP has been going on for some years in the city and it has already brought renowned jazz and blues artists. For all events, I always recommend that you plan with your stay, as the city is full!


To know more about the city and discover the details and history of Paraty be sure to join our Paraty Free Walking Tour.

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