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Santa Teresa in Rio de Janeiro – Local Tips Of The Neighborhood

Santa Teresa in Rio de Janeiro – Local Tips Of The Neighborhood

Wondering what to do in Rio de Janeiro? One of Rio’s top attractions is one that not many people talk about, but is in my opinion, one of the most charming neighborhoods I’ve ever been to: Santa Teresa! Right next to the bustling city center is a mountain that is home to the quiet and artistic neighborhood of Santa Teresa in Rio de Janeiro – with a view of down to the city that will drop any jaw open.


How to get to Santa Teresa?

After years being refurbished, the yellow tram (the neighborhood symbol) is back! It became so famous that it is now a tourist attraction and not a public transportation! If you want to get to Santa Teresa by tram, the price is R$20,00.

You have the option to go by bus (from Lapa – Gomes Freire Street – bus 006 or 007) or taxi/uber! Just pay attention to the tram working times: usually the last tram is at 4:40PM



What to do in Santa Teresa?

Parque das Ruínas (Ruins Park): A must-see in Rio! It’s one of my favorite views of Rio! A colonial house that has a 360° view of Rio de Janeiro. From there we can see: Christ the Redeemer, the Sugarloaf Mountain and the Arches of Lapa! Best of all? It’s free!

Eating/drinking in Largo dos Guimarães: The Largo dos Guimarães is the hub of bohemian Santa Teresa with many bars, restaurants and a street theater! A truly unique place in Rio de Janeiro! We love Café do Alto

Walking: Trace the path of the old tram rails and walk a little. You will see gorgeous houses and the typical style of Rio de Janeiro!




A little History of Santa Teresa

The development of Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, began with the explosive growth of the coffee industry in the 19th century, when wealthy industrialists decided to build their mansions there. The area established itself as one of the high elite neighborhood after the Santa Teresa tram was built. With the end of the coffee boom in Brazil the neighborhood went into decline, but in the 60’s many artists, writers and musicians moved to the area and began a process of revitalization.


Where to Stay in Santa Teresa

Are coming to Rio de Janeiro and want to enjoy the most of this amazing neighborhood staying there? If you are a hostel person there is one we love in the neighborhood: Mambembe Hostel. It was founded by three travelers that treat all the guests like they wanted to be treated and who are willing to show everyone why Rio is so special! This was considered one of the best hostels of Rio by hostelworld.

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