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Rio de Janeiro x Paraty

Rio de Janeiro x Paraty

In Rio de Janeiro, we have several interesting cities a few hours away. In this city of Paraty, we have the historical center, beaches, waterfalls, cachaça production, festivals… A lot of reasons to visit!

In this post, we talk about the options to go from Rio to Paraty.

Car, bus of transfer

From Rio to Paraty, there is only one bus company: Viação Costa Verde. There are many time options, usually hourly, sometimes increasing demand at festival or holiday season.

All buses depart from Novo Rio bus station, the city’s main bus station. To get there, just take the VLT that goes from downtown area to the terminal. The trip from Rio to Paraty lasts around 3 hours and half hours.

The view during the trip is beautiful. The route takes place through the BR-101 or Rio-Santos highway, crossing the entire Costa Verde, place that you can see the Atlantic forest.

If you want to go by car, it’s also the same highway.

Some companies offer transfers from any hotel or airport. This is an option for families looking for more comfort and convenience. May be offered van or executive car. Visit the EasyTransfer website to learn more!

And after getting there?

Paraty is an amazing city full of details and curiosities. In our blog, we have tips to do and to see. To learn more about the history of Paraty, be sure to join our Paraty Free Walking Tour.

Usually, people like to do it on the first day to settle in. Don’t miss it.


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