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Lagoa Azul of Paraty

Lagoa Azul of Paraty

When you plan your trip, you will notice that we have several full-day tours in Paraty. The most famous are the Boat and Jeep Tours, and some points are mandatory on both tours. The Lagoa Azul (Blue Lagoon) is one of the most beautiful places in Paraty and a must-see spot in the region.

In this post, we’ll talk about the famous Blue Lagoon! If you were interested in knowing more about how to plan your trip, read our post on Tours in Paraty.

Boat Tours

Boat trips are very popular in Paraty. We have two options widely offered in the city: the schooner tour with pre-established stops or the opportunity to rent a small boat at the Tourism Pier for a few hours and define your own itinerary!

Many people ask me which is the best. In fact, they are two different options. The Schooner Tour is a full day tour that already has defined stops, with lunch included or not. Most agencies offer the Schooner Tour and the price depends the number of hours, stops or benefits they offer.

Smaller boat rentals can be made directly at Largo de Santa Rita, close to the Church, or at the Tourism Pier itself. The price depends because it’s a private tour. You can choose to be only at sea, visit a specific island, stay 2 or 5 hours. This is ideal for couples or groups that want more privacy.

Lagoa Azul

For both tours, Lagoa Azul is a great stop! For schooner rides, this spot may be the highlight of the day. It’s a stop in the middle of the sea, where it looks like a natural pool with a crystal blue color, that’s why the name: blue lagoon.

It’s ideal to take a trip to the Blue Lagoon with diving goggles and, if you have one, an underwater camera. Tou can take amazing photos around the fishes.

If you have any questions about the beauty of the place, see the video below and be sure to include this location in your travel itinerary:

A good combination for your tour is Lagoa Azul and Ilha do Algodão. They are offered on schooner tours. Two beautiful places!

Nature of Paraty

Paraty is located in the area known as Costa Verde. The name is given because we have a Forest well preserved from the south of Rio de Janeiro to the north coast of São Paulo.

Many other cities are known in the region due to their natural beauty: Ubatuba (we talked a little in the post about Paraty Beaches), Ilha Grande and Ilha Bela.

Costa Verde has already been nominated as a incredible place to visit  by several important tourism websites and magazines in the world, including Lonely Planet!


The city of Paraty is being well explored by tourism. Because the importance of its geography and history, the city and Ilha Grande is in the process of being recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO!

To learn more about the history of Paraty, be sure to join the Paraty Free Walking Tour!

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