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São Paulo x Paraty

São Paulo x Paraty

The coast of São Paulo is being explored by brazilians. So how about stretching your trip to Paraty? Here we give you the tips to get from São Paulo to this city that will win your heart!

Bus or car

If you want to choose the bus option, the company that offers the service to Paraty is Reunidas Paulista. There are several times a day and the trip lasts around 4 hours. May last a little longer in case of heavy traffic.

But if you choose to travel by car, we have two options: the Rio-Santos highway, know also as BR-101, or the Paraty-Cunha road. If you decide to go by the second choice, in times of heavy rain the road is slippery and you have to be careful.

The view during the trip is beautiful!

And after getting there?

In our blog, we have a lot of posts about what to do in Paraty. To get started, you can find out about Paraty Tours and then start planning your trip!

Once in town, be sure to take our Paraty Free Walking Tour. We will tell the history and curiosities about the city center and its surroundings. It’s a great choice to stlle in the city!


We are waiting for you!

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