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The Royal Road of Paraty

The Royal Road of Paraty

We have a lot of things to do in Paraty. This city is full of history and we can see that during a walk in the historical center, visiting the Fort of Paraty and… a hike in the old colonial road!

In this post, we tell everything that you need to know about the Old Road of Paraty, the place that the portuguese used to run off all the gold from Minas Gerais!

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History behind the Royal Road

It’s impossible to explain the History of Brazil without mentioning Paraty. The city was one of the main ports during the colonial times and 19th century following all the economical cycles of Brazil: sugar, gold, coffee and slave trade.

Until today, the city has a traditional and internationally famous production of cachaça. Every year, we win a lot of awards!

But during our golden rush, Paraty became very important because the portuguese built one road to connect the gold mines to the sea. We have two Royal Roads: Old road, from Minas Gerais state until Paraty; New road, from Minas Gerais until Rio de Janeiro.

The Old Road, or Royal Road of Paraty, is the largest touristic route in Brasil and it cross three different states: Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. This journey takes 8 days by car or 48 days hiking! 710 kilometers total!

A tour on the Royal Road

Some agencies offers one hike on the Royal Road in Paraty that takes around 3 hours. We recommend a professional tour guide for this one, because you’ll pass through some private properties and a federal park. During the hike you’ll see the best of Atlantic Forest.

One curiosity tip! During all the way of the Royal Road, totems marks indicating which city you are. The Paraty’s mark stays at the Roberto Silveira Avenue, next to the Lojas Americanas store and it shows that you are at the final destination.

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