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Capoeira Workshop in Paraty

Capoeira Workshop in Paraty

Experience Capoeira, The Art of Resistance

Learn about history, music, physical expression, dance, self-defense and even a new language with Capoeira, the foremost Afro-Brazilian cultural expression recognized as UNESCO’s world heritage. This workshop will give you the opportunity to understand Capoeira as a symbol of resistance, freedom and community not only in Brazil, but the world over, while having fun with other fellow travelers.


Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian expression that has been developed since the colonial times as a form of cultural resistance through dance, music, rhythm, and tradition. Today it is also recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

We will discuss its origins, theories and current understanding of this art form.


Using our bodies, we will create a moment of dialogue between two people by learning the basic movements and reactions of escape and attack within the capoeira stance ginga, always following the rhythm of music.

You will discover why we call it “the art of escaping and fighting with a smile on your face.”


The ritualistic roots that have persisted in Afro-Brazilian culture make capoeira look like a dance. Ancient rhythms and instruments play while participants sing, creating Axé, the sacred energy that makes it all happen.

You will learn some basic Portuguese to sing in company of traditional instruments like berimbaus, pandeiros and drums.


Put together a “Roda de Capoeira”

Capoeira is a game about collective connection where two participants challenge each other for fun and not for competition while the rest  of the players create the ambience to keep the flow of this game by singing and playing music.

Our objective will be to create a circle or Roda, the quintessential moment of Capoeira, by learning reactions, movements, rhythms, songs and understanding how they work together as a cultural expression and a form of art.


Juanjo Gonzalez has worked for Free Walker Tours since 2015.  First as a guide in Rio de Janeiro and then in Paraty where he was in charge of all the tours for almost 2 years.

He is a scholar of Brazilian History from the point of view of Capoeira, training and also running an academic research about it for more than 10 years.  This workshop is one of the several projects he has developed as a result of his studies.


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Temporarily canceled

icone duracaoWorkshop Duration

About 1.5 hours

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R$ 40


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Temporarily canceled

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icone avisoMore Information

- Comfortable clothing
- Sports shoes (or no shoes)
- Water
- Towel for sweat
- Mosquito repellent
- Friends (Capoeira is more fun with more people)

- The workshop will be as physically demanding as you wish it to be.
- Capoeira is an art form that tends to put hands on the floor during movements.
- No previous experience with martial arts, music or dance required.
- The workshop can be adjusted to any skill level. Capoeira is for everyone!

icone pacotesAre you a group of 5 or more?

Email us at contact@freewalkertours.com and book a private tour!