Is Lapa dangerous?
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Is Lapa dangerous?

Is Lapa dangerous?

You must have heard about Lapa. After all, it is the most bohemian, lively, and carioca neighborhood with the best nightlife in Rio de Janeiro. But with all this fame, a doubt appears: “Is the neighborhood of Lapa dangerous?”. Come find out with us!

Curiosity: Did you know that Free Walker Tours has a tour that passes through Lapa? It’s our Free Walking Tour Downtown & Lapa, and it takes place every day from Monday to Saturday at 10:30 am in Largo da Carioca. Interested and want to know more? Click here and get to know a little more about Rio de Janeiro!

Like any big city, Rio de Janeiro couldn’t be different. It is always recommended to be aware of your surroundings. Even with the cariocas welcoming you with arms wide open and a smile on their face (the only thing more “carioca” than that is eating Globo biscuits while drinking cold Matte Leão on the beach), it’s still necessary to be attentive, or as they say in Rio, “to be smart” (“fica esperto” in Portuguese, it’s similar to “street smart”).

Biscoito Globo com Matte Leão na praia
Imagem: Biscoito Globo com Matte Leão na praia; Fonte: Reprodução – Pinterest (
Ambulante vendendo biscoito Globo e Matte Leão na praia
Imagem: Ambulante vendendo biscoito Globo e Matte Leão; Fonte: Nathana Rebouças (

Curiosity: The combo Globo cookie + cold Matte Leão on the beach sold by street vendors is so unique that in March of 2012 the Rio de Janeiro City Hall declared these vendors as Carioca Cultural Heritage!  Click here to read an article about the origin of this delicious combo and their love story with the cariocas. The text is in Portuguese but you can translate it easily and automatically using your browser.

Unlike other places, Lapa has a curious feature. It’s safer at night than during the day. Due to the number of pubs, bars and nightclubs that only open at night, Lapa is practically deserted throughout the day. Gaining life and becoming safer with the openings of the bars.

Arcos da Lapa a noite vistos do céu
Imagem: Arcos da Lapa a noite; Fonte: Reprodução – Pinterest (

Safety Tips

Now let’s talk about the long awaited safety tips. To make your night even more peaceful and focused only on fun, it is essential to follow some precautions.

  • Cell phone

I know we all love to take pictures non-stop with our cell phones in our hands. But remember that you are in a metropolis, and that (as you learned earlier) you need to be smart (or “experto” if you want to try the “carioquês” way of saying it). So when you’re not capturing the good times, it’s a good idea to keep your phone tucked away in your front pocket.

  • Wallet

Just like your cell phone, it is recommended to keep your wallet safe and only take it out of your front pocket or purse (keep the purse in front of your body as well) when paying for something. And as almost all places accept cards, it’s advisable to use small wallets or if possible just card holders.

  • Watches and jewelry

We know that a good watch and shiny jewels enchant anyone, but a night out in Lapa is not where you want to wear your beloved accessories. In addition to the possibility of it getting dirty or damaged (after all you’ll be dancing and having fun like never before), there’s always the possibility of thefts and robberies, even though they don’t usually happen. Even with Lapa being a relatively safe neighborhood, we’re still in a big city.

  • Uber

A very important thing to remember is to order an Uber or similar app, and wait inside the bar or nightclub until the driver arrives. There have been cases of people being robbed while waiting for an Uber on the street.

  • Go with a group

Besides being more fun, going with a group is also safer! It’s very unlikely that someone would try to do something with a group. And speaking of groups, we at Free Walker Tours offer the Pub Crawl Lapa. A tour where we go to several bars and nightclubs, having a free welcome shot, drinking games, lots of good music (samba, funk and other Brazilian and international music), in a group with people from all over the world and guides who will accompany you throughout the night. Liked the idea and want to give it a go? Make your reservation on our website and come live an unforgettable night in Rio!

  • Drinking

And last but not least, drinking. As delicious as the drinks are (especially the caipirinhas), remember not to overdo it. With excessive alcohol consumption a night of fun could end in a headache. So drink some water between drinks to ensure a good and fun experience.

Grupo do tour Pub Crawl da Free Walker Tours em frente aos Arcos da Lapa
Imagem: Pub Crawl Lapa; Fonte: Acervo Free Walker Tours

Done! Now you are ready to enjoy an unforgettable night in Lapa! Just remember what we’ve talked about here and use the good judgment necessary for a big city and you won’t have any problems (besides how many drinks you can last).

Want to know more about or even what else to do in Lapa? Take a look at this article and discover everything that Lapa can offer you!

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